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    Programmers are nerds, prefer to work in the dark, like comic shirts, swear all day and are shy of people. Plus, they have weird humor. Everyone knows them - the typical clichés of programmers. But do these illustrations still match reality or are they just ways of thinking? We looked at the work of a programmer and common stereotypes, and found out what companies today actually need in their development departments.

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    Especially in times of social distancing the desktop traffic and at the same time the opportunities for performance marketing rise. Some enterprises rely on affiliate marketing. This form of marketing can be implemented ideal with coordinated content on your own blog or website, so that nothing stands in the way to passive source of income. How you can earn money with affiliate marketing and what you should consider, can you find out in the following blogpost.

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    Why are there less women in the IT than men? Often outdated role thinking still has an influence on the later job choice. Many young girls prefer the typical female job fields as the technical-mathematical activities. No wonder why the IT sector is still dominated by men. In addition, IT jobs also offer women many career prospects for the future, especially in times of the digitalization. Don't you think that this is reason enough to consider a job in the IT branch? In this blog post, we want to show you how women can discover the IT industry for themselves in times of digital change.

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    One server is not like another. Depending on requirements and conditions, they occasionally vary heavily. From small desktop systems to rack-filling enterprise solutions there are different construction forms. And yet, the basic set-up is always similar despite the many options. One mainboard with processor, random access memory and external connection, cooling and power supply implemented in an arbitrary casing add up to a functioning machine. Should the need for computing power or memory change, individual components can be exchanged or upgraded. However, this is not always the most efficient way.

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    Another helpful analysis tool is Xovi. One of its biggest advantages is its price: for only 99€ a month one gets a tool with extensive features for a competitive price. The versions for agencies with 149€ or for large firms with 499€ still costs little in comparison to other tools. In the beginning many feared it to be a low-quality product. But depending on requirement, the functionality is comparable to similar tools.