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    In one of our previous posts we have already examined, what the six most important characteristics of a good domain are. This time, we will have a closer look at the domain name and we compare Partial Match Domain (PMD), Exact Match Domain (EMD) and Brand Domains with each other. Which domain name provides which advantages and disadvantages for different sectors?

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    What has indicated for years, has occurred recently: IP addresses of the most widely employed standard IPv4 are no longer available in North America. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), which is responsible for assigning IP addresses in North America, lately announced that the last packet has been awarded with 256 addresses. New IP addresses are therefore only available when enterprises return their packages.

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    On 23 September 2015, the Association for Economic Security of Central Germany (VSWM), the Thuringia Development Bank, TÜV Thuringia, the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses of Thuringia (BVMW) and the German Trade Association hosted the IT Security Forum. The presentations were held under the motto "Information protection is becoming an entrepreneurial duty! - Liability risks - Solution proposals" and warned against cyber attacks, took a look at potential threats and discussed prevention measures.