• Who would have expected at the end of 2019, that at the same time extremely much people could no longer go to work, students would study at home without their classmates and that friends would no longer be allowed to see each other (at least in a group)?

    And at the same time: Who would have expected that, despite all this, it would be possible for a great many people to work productively together in a team, yet still communicate with teachers, classmates or fellow students and regularly "meet" friends or get in contact with family members? All of this has worked surprisingly well over the past few weeks - thanks to video conference software! However, there were also “complications” when using these services. The current blog article describes how you can avoid this.

  • For a few weeks now, many workers have stayed at home and kept their contacts to a minimum. For social interaction - including among colleagues - the current contact block and the closure of various facilities and shops sometimes mean enormous restrictions. Numerous companies are already noticing negative economic consequences, which will certainly be felt for a while. One measure that could cushion the effects is home office. The current blog post explains the prerequisites for setting up a home office and gives valuable and field-tested tips.

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    Why are there less women in the IT than men? Often outdated role thinking still has an influence on the later job choice. Many young girls prefer the typical female job fields as the technical-mathematical activities. No wonder why the IT sector is still dominated by men. In addition, IT jobs also offer women many career prospects for the future, especially in times of the digitalization. Don't you think that this is reason enough to consider a job in the IT branch? In this blog post, we want to show you how women can discover the IT industry for themselves in times of digital change.

  • If you want to sell a great product or service these days - or simply share your creative project or thoughts with the world, there's one thing you can't get around: your own website. Whether it's business, volunteer or private - in most cases you can reach more potential customers, users, readers or fans via the Internet than via other means, such as print advertising.

    But a website, blog or online store should in no case be created and published in a rash and hasty manner - because this requires a certain strategic and content planning! Even before your own website can be launched, there are some considerations and fundamental decisions to be made.

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    A post for all those who think that the Linux operating system is only for "nerds".

    "Linux is complicated and only for developers"; "the installation is far too complex" - these and similar sentences are often heard as reasons why the well-known Windows is preferred to the open source operating system Linux. But to what extent are these arguments true - and do the "disadvantages", perceived at least at first glance, really outweigh the advantages of using it? This is the topic of our current blog article. For all those who have never dealt with the topic before, there are certainly some surprising facts about the open source operating system!