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    Regardless of whether it is a free SSL certificate in the open source version or a chargeable SSL encryption - the purpose is the same: All confidential information on a website is encrypted and summarized in the form of a certificate. If so, couldn't everyone get a free SSL certificate? It's not that easy. Some security aspects play a decisive role when choosing a certificate. The current blog post deals with the question in which cases an SSL certificate as a free variant makes sense and in which cases it can bring advantages to fall back on a paid solution.

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    Anyone who owns a website can no longer avoid an SSL certificate. As soon as users have the opportunity to enter, save or transmit data online on the website, they should be able to rely on the secure and encrypted transmission of the information. But what is SSL anyway? In this blog post we will show you the meaning behind this and why an SSL certificate is so important for your website.

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    A suitable domain is the basis for a promising business idea. But a good domain name cannot be found overnight. There are a few things consider before registering a domain. For example - who your desired customers are and whether the domain harmonizes with trademark law. So that you can finally get started online, we have summarized step by step in this blog post how to find a good domain name for your website.

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    Backup data online in the cloud or locally on a hard drive? In online business in particular, sensitive customer data and internal website data are juggled on a daily basis. A regular local backup should be a prerequisite. But what use is a local backup if this can also be damaged by a short circuit? The 3-2-1 method in combination with a cloud backup could be the solution!

  • Today is World Backup Day. A day to remind you to make a copy of important data and back it up with various backup types. The aim of a backup is known. But a simple copy is not enough to restore server data in the event of phishing, power failure or hardware failure: A good backup strategy is required. In this blog post you will learn which backup types you can use to secure your data and what a grandfather has to do with your backup strategy.

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    Media literacy and data protection in children play important roles in learning how to safely use digital media in everyday life. Especially nowadays, there is no getting around digital media for children. Rather, in times of home schooling and childcare, digital media have become opportunities and open up new possibilities. However, there is often little time between home office and home schooling or childcare to deal fully with media literacy and data protection for children. In the current blog post we would like to offer parents, teachers or school officials a source of inspiration and go into more detail on how they can improve data protection for children through media literacy. This blog post was written with the pedagogical support of a pedagogue (24) from Leipzig and therefore deals with pedagogical / psychological aspects as well as data protection and technical conditions.