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    One server is not like another. Depending on requirements and conditions, they occasionally vary heavily. From small desktop systems to rack-filling enterprise solutions there are different construction forms. And yet, the basic set-up is always similar despite the many options. One mainboard with processor, random access memory and external connection, cooling and power supply implemented in an arbitrary casing add up to a functioning machine. Should the need for computing power or memory change, individual components can be exchanged or upgraded. However, this is not always the most efficient way.

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    Another helpful analysis tool is Xovi. One of its biggest advantages is its price: for only 99€ a month one gets a tool with extensive features for a competitive price. The versions for agencies with 149€ or for large firms with 499€ still costs little in comparison to other tools. In the beginning many feared it to be a low-quality product. But depending on requirement, the functionality is comparable to similar tools.

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    The analysis of websites includes not only technical aspects or ranking factors of google. Usability aspects affect a website's success as well. Ease of use is important for online shops in particular. The users should always see at first glance where to find what they need and never feel lost. Eye-tracking studies can be used to analyse what draws the users' attention, however, these studies are effortful and costly. For this reason the EyeQuant software was developed to predict what is drawing attention on websites.

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    According to branchassociation Bitcom every second company has already been a victim of economic espionage. Thus, patrons of economy dedicated themselves atthe 18th of Febuary 2016 within the scope of a conference of RKW-Thüringen e.V. to the subject security of Thuringian companies. The Thüringen Journal of the MDR picked this event and its highly topical subject up in a TV report. The Keyweb AG got to contribute their experiences as a practical example in this report.