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    With the start of a new year we have a lot of good resolutions, both personally and professionally. We want to improve. We also aim for optimizing our websites. A good analysis of the current situation is the basis for the "spring cleaning". Fortunately, there are numerous analysis tools that will help in assessing and improving the own website. Because, we all know how quickly good intentions are thrown overboard without a little help. But it is not so easy to identify the right tool or the appropriate provider for our individual needs, intentions and objectives. As a little guidance, we therefore explored 5 toolboxes precisely to present them as a series on our blog at the beginning of the year. Let's start with part 1 of the series website analysis tools - OnPage.org.

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    In one of our previous posts we have already examined, what the six most important characteristics of a good domain are. This time, we will have a closer look at the domain name and we compare Partial Match Domain (PMD), Exact Match Domain (EMD) and Brand Domains with each other. Which domain name provides which advantages and disadvantages for different sectors?

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    What has indicated for years, has occurred recently: IP addresses of the most widely employed standard IPv4 are no longer available in North America. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), which is responsible for assigning IP addresses in North America, lately announced that the last packet has been awarded with 256 addresses. New IP addresses are therefore only available when enterprises return their packages.

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    The hosting-location Germany is the main criterion for many customers when it comes to the security of their data. They appreciate nearby data centers as well as a locally acting support. The Keyweb AG remains true to itself and continues to serve its customers out of Germany.

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    Until recently, Germany was the only EU member, that did not perform any data retention. But alongside the many local and global political troubles, a majority of 404 delegates of the German Bundestag voted for the data retention on October 16th, 2015. But they are a long way off from a political consensus: Greens and Left Party closed against the new law while opinions differ widely within the Great Coalition. What does this decision mean for Germany and what is the state of privacy?