Root Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server – individual solutions for your web project

Dedicated servers from Keyweb deliver the right hosting solution for any kind of business. Whether you want to produce a homepage, set up an online shop or plan complex projects, a Keymachine® Server forms the perfect basis for all your ideas.

Your advantages with a dedicated server

With a dedicated server, you are the sole user of a web server. Therefore you do not need to share the hardware with others, thus enabling you to benefit from maximum server performance.
Since you can use the entire computing performance with the dedicated variant, you can also individually design the server according to your requirements.

Your advantages in a nutshell:

  • individual hardware adjustment
  • individual firewall or DNS services
  • high degree of operational stability/reliability
  • access to maximum system capacity

A dedicated server particularly demonstrates its potencies, if you need major resources for a web project, for instance with numerous concurrent accesses/visits to the network. This also enables your pages to deliver optimum reaction times in this situation.

Keymachine® Server

Reliable computing performance, sufficient memory and full root privileges create a powerful web server environment that is at your service.

Ideal for: Small businesses, private clients, game servers, and business applications

Price from

59.- € / month1

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Keymachine® Pro Server

Perfectly matched hardware, modern Intel® or AMD CPU,
top-quality technical performance characteristics and a hardware-full-service warranty meet even the highest demands.

Ideal for: High-traffic, database driven platforms, virtualizations, resellers

Price from

129.- € / month1

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Keymachine Custom Server

Enjoy total freedom: built a server completely fulfilling your requirements. Server configuration could not be more personal/individual!

Ideal for: Individual business and web applications

price on application

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Dedicated Servers from Keyweb - optimum Performance

Modern web applications such as enterprise and database applications, the hosting of complex websites or content management systems require a lot of computing power.

Our dedicated servers allow you to utilize the full potential of applications like WordPress, Magento, Typo3 or Joomla.

Special Features
Do you need both - Stability and Flexibility?

Depending on your plan your dedicated server includes different sizes of CPU cores, RAM and hard drive capacity.

Plus, you get absolute control through full root access and therefore maximum flexibility for the use of your dedicated server. Manage your dedicated server as desired just as if it was at your premises.

Nevertheless our qualified system administrators gladly help you anytime you might need support, for example with installations, configurations and monitoring settings. This service is free of charge if you opt for a dedicated server from Keyweb. Learn more about our Managed Hosting Service.

The Basis of our Root Dedicated Servers forms their reliable Hardware.

For optimum performance Keymachine® brand servers are built exclusively of latest hardware technologies like Intel® Haswell and Intel® Xeon® quad-core processors or AMD EPYC processor and are operated in TÜV-certified, Keyweb-own data centers in Germany. Keyweb's offers of root dedicated servers already include two separate IPv4 addresses (IPv6 on request), unlimited free data volume, the 24-hour emergency support and our Managed Hosting Service. All this with just 1 month minimum term.

Also RAID systems increase the operating speed and data security of our dedicated server.

At Keyweb you can choose from a wide range of operating systems like Debian, Ubuntu and Windows as well as from various server versions for your precisely shaped server solution.

Optional we recommend that you protect your Root Dedicated Server or its relevant accesses with appropriate SSL certificates. Keyweb offers SSL Certificates from GlobalSign. In addition to the standard HTTPS certificate, you can purchase a Wildcard SSL Certificate. Here you will find all you need to know before you buy your SSL certificates.

Which Dedicated Servers can you rent from us?

With our server ranges Keymachine® Server and Keymachine® Pro Server you not just get strong computing power, but also benefit from reliability and a comprehensive hosting service. According to your needs, we offer servers with up to 384 GB of RAM and 2 x Intel® Xeon® Silver 4116 Skylake 12 x 3,00 GHz HT CPU or 2 x AMD EPYC DUAL 7502 32 x 2,5 GHz under these lines.

Do you have even more individual demands on CPU, RAM and hard drive capacity?

For exceptional projects, we provide our dedicated server solution Custom-Made, allowing you to arrange features such as hard drives, CPU, RAM and operating system to your liking and requirements.

How do you optimally manage your Dedicated Server?

For administration we provide KeyHelp® unlimited and Plesk.

With KeyHelp® you choose an among insiders very popular administration tool for your Linux server (for Ubuntu and Debian) free of charge and for an unlimited number of domains.
The tool was awared by the Initiative Mittelstand as best innovative IT-solution.

With Plesk you opt for a very well-known administration tool for Linux and Windows servers. Plesk licenses are available depending on the number of domains to administer.

Renting or Buying your Server?

As a special highlight KeyInvest gives you the opportunity to also purchase your dedicated server. When ordering a root dedicated server of the Business Line, you acquire full ownership after you have hired the server for 5 years and then have let it for a year in housing.

You have further Questions about our Offers relating managed Dedicated Servers?

We gladly advise you on details and set up a web server, which exactly matches the needs of your web project. Contact us!

Are you interested in Reselling our Root Dedicated Servers?

We are pleased to inform you – just contact us about our reseller program!

Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.

Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.
Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.
Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.
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Brand Server

19 Zoll Server

We exclusively put our trust in the brand servers from Keymachine® Server Manufaktur. Only high-performance branded hardware is being used in the manufacture of these servers. They learn more »

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Dedicated servers from Keyweb – optimum performance

Choose from different server versions and a large range of operating systems, inter alia Debian, Ubuntu and Windows. To ensure optimum performance Keymachine® brand servers are exclusively built using the latest hardware technologies and are operated in certified data centres owned by Keyweb in Germany. Our 24/7 technical helpline and our Managed Hosting Service are included in the server price.

Our Prime Line and Business Line server products not only give you powerful computing performance, but you also benefit from reliability and a comprehensive hosting service. Our custom-made server solution is also available for out-of-the-ordinary projects, enabling you to compile performance characteristics such as hard disks and operating systems as per your requirements.

As a particular highlight, with KeyInvest we offer the opportunity to also buy your server. When you order a dedicated Business Line server, you acquire unrestricted ownership if you have hired the server for 36 months.

Do have any more questions on our dedicated server range? We will be glad to advise you as to the details and set up your web server precisely meeting the requirements of your web project. Contact us!

1 These prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different. Fees are payable in advance for the respective invoicing period.