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Our company history begins with the rise of the internet, and subsequently the concept of webhosting itself, towards the end of the 1990s, when the industry started to really take off in a big way. As early as 1997 Keyweb already offered hosting solutions that were known for their progressiveness, for quality that went beyond the commonplace, and for services that were second to none. Now as then these characteristics form the pillars of our success.

We happily recall the days when we were just a small team, managing to run the whole business and server operations from just a couple of small offices. In those days our servers used to be located in the USA - for reasons of cost. However, it soon became clear that this business model was not viable in the long run and that the rising number of servers and customers would harbour many more risks than it would yield advantages. So in 2000, right at the time when the dot.com bubble burst - and, truth be known, in a climate that appeared rather unfavourable for any more investment in the sector, we nonetheless decided to locate our servers in our domestic market Germany and invest in our own infrastructure.

With hindsight it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. As one of very few providers in Germany we have developed, planned and ultimately, also built, our data centres completely independently. The first Keyweb data centre was completed in 2004. Just three years later the second one followed suit. Both data centres fulfil the highest security requirements, are TÜV-certified and are monitored and looked after around the clock.

The combination of perfected technology, direct and sincere contact with our customers and providing support that are beyond comparison, has made Keyweb the insider tip for hosting customers. Through word-of-mouth recommendations alone we have gained a reputation that has seen our customer base grow and grow! As our business grew, we continued improving our services, e.g. offering monthly contracts or flat-rate tariffs just for hosting, both of which have by now become sector standards.

Even if we were not the first providers to bring our servers online, we certainly were one of the first that actually manufactured their machines themselves. Even though this doubtlessly proved more expensive than getting off-the-shelf servers from a discount retailer, we still went ahead with it as we simply wanted something better that would give us more control over all of the processes – and which in the final instance would benefit our customers as well.

Since then we have manufactured more than 10,000 machines – who would have thought it at the time! Today Keyweb has 35 employees, an office space measuring 1,500 m², two data centres and a global customer base consisting of both private and business clients.

Please take a look and find out for yourself how good the quality of our services is. We are not striving to be the largest hosting provider – but we do want to be the best. To this end we don’t mind going that extra mile, even if it means disregarding standard processes common to the sector – we risk more and our customers like our approach. This serves to explain, why most of the customers from the very early days are still with us today. And the same goes for our employees - and maybe that’s exactly it – we got to know one another. So who do you entrust your data to?

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Our memberships

The eco Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V. is the largest association of the internet industry in Europe and has over 700 member companies. Its remit is to represent its members’ interests and to promote all companies that use the internet to do business and create economic added value. Eco represents its members in political lobbying, fosters the development of new technologies and infrastructures and shapes the general market frameworks as the supporting partner of those operating in this sector.

DENIC eG is the central registry for all domains that come under the top level domain “.de” and is responsible for all operational matters and the technical stability of the primary name servers for .de domains

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre operates under the auspices of European IP Network Association or RIPE, short for Réseaux IP Européens. Amongst other things it is responsible for IP address space and AS number allocation and for running and developing the WHOIS database in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Its aim is to safeguard the technical and organisational coordination of a pan-European network.

The European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURid) is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the operational and technical side of top level domains en

As a partner of nic.at, the central registry for domains ending with.at,.or.at and.co.at, we can offer you the listed domain extensions at a particularly favourable price-performance ratio.

Chambers of Trade & Industry (IHKs) are bodies covered by public law that act with individual responsibility. As such they represent the interests of their affiliated member companies when dealing with local and regional authorities and federal state governments. As part of their remit to develop the economy they offer assistance to companies and improve the regional conditions to promote economic competitiveness.

The German Association of small and medium-sized businesses e. V. (BVMW) is a business association for professional and intersectoral interest representation of the SME sector to politics, authorities and labor unions with more than 270,000 members in Germany. Its objectives include the improvement of economic policy framework, strengthening the networking and cooperation among the members and offering expert advice and innovative services for its member companies.

ITnet Thüringen e.V. is a network founded in 2016 that promotes networking, cooperation and growth of the Thuringian IT industry together with its members and partners. Its objectives include, among others the support of the state's economic policy, in order to make the IT location Thuringia competitive. Here, ITnet acts as a competent partner for politics, administration and economy to successfully design the digitization in Thuringia.

As a member of the Initiative Mittelstand, we get involved with innovative ideas of medium-sized companies. As an special interest group that consists of industry experts, scientists, IT experts and specialist editors, it supports companies competently and far-reaching and informs about the potential of new technologies. Through various information channels, the initiative regularly provides SME-relevant top topics. In addition, the Initiative Mittelstand awards the innovation prize IT) annually for the most innovative and SME-suitable IT solutions and products at the world's largest computer trade fair CeBIT.

Our Technology Partners

About us

We run our hosting products using only brand servers from the Keymachine® Servermanufaktur. A Keymachine® is made using tested, energy-efficient hardware components that give powerful performance – built exclusively for us based on our very own specifications. On the basis of this direct cooperation with Keymachine® we are able to directly influence our dedicated hosting servers - from the design to the manufacture and right down to the maintenance of the servers – ensuring guaranteed performance quality and maximum flexibility.

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Intel® is the global leader in the manufacture of semi-conductors and is synonymous with technological excellence and innovation. Intel® Core™ technology and Intel® Xeon™ processors for a two-way server system structure based thereon make Intel® the yardstick for processor performance and energy efficiency. For this reason all server hosting products at Keyweb operate using the Intel® micro architecture.

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Cisco Systems Inc. provides sophisticated solutions for almost any area in network operation and represents an important part of our internet connections, especially where routers, switches and core technologies are concerned. Their high quality standard as well as sound, reliable developments is why we put our trust into Cisco products.

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Plesk develop virtualisation and automation solutions for desktops and servers. In addition to virtualisation tools for Microsoft Windows and Linux, the web server configuration tool Plesk is particularly popular as an extremely user-friendly administration software package.

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Microsoft is world-renowned as the leading software and hardware manufacturing giant. The Microsoft operating system for PCs and servers is used all over the world

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Linux is an operating system kernel developed in 1991. Since then Linux has been used for a number of different operating systems. In popular parlance Linux distribution and Linux-based systems are also referred to as Linux. Linux is a direct and free alternative to Microsoft.

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openSUSE distribution is a free operating system that is particularly popular in Germany. The developers of this program are aiming at creating a multi-purpose system for a large number of users that is stable and easy to operate.

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Debian is classed as an open source program. This freely available and free of charge operating system is based on the GNU Project under General Public License and Linux. It is thus one of the oldest, most influential and most widely circulated GNU/Linux distributions.

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FreeBSD® is a free operating system for servers, desktops and imbedded systems, which with its huge community is one of the largest open source projects in the world. The program is continually being developed and optimised. Not least for this reason is it regarded one of the most reliable operating systems around today.

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Ubuntu is one of the best-known and most frequently used free Linux distributions around. The operating system is regarded as particularly user-friendly as it is really easy to install and easy to use.

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CORE is a not-for-profit organisation which manages a wealth of internet domains within one uniform database thereby enabling its members to draw on one technical registration system and a joint WHOIS server structure.