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The hosting-location Germany is the main criterion for many customers when it comes to the security of their data. They appreciate nearby data centers as well as a locally acting support. The Keyweb AG remains true to itself and continues to serve its customers out of Germany.

The Keyweb AG is a privately owned company, which is established on the market for 18 years. QUALITY is very important to us. The cost pressures in the IT industry are growing daily. However, we continue to invest in the quality of the sites through certifications and network expansion within Germany. For this reason, today and in the future, we run our data centers in Germany. Only doing so enables us to meet the high demands of our customers. Our data centers have been independently developed, planned and built.

What are the advantages of the quality feature "Hosted in Germany"?

  • German law
    Your data are subject to German data protection law, the Commercial Code and Civil Code.
  • Customer proximity and personal care
    We are locally available for you.
  • Performance
    We guarantee fast response times and flexibility.
  • Reliability
    We guarantee a redundant infrastructure of power and data supply.
  • Trust
    Our trained professionals will personally take care that everything runs smoothly any time.
  • Sustainability
    We ensure energy efficiency and 100% green electricity.

Even if the government should impose a veto on the law on data retention in Germany in the so-called second round, data would not be stored any longer than 10 weeks. Unlike other European countries, this period is still manageable. In France, for example. The data retention of 12 months was introduced in 2006. Furthermore, its intelligence service is obviously allowed to record the metadata of Internet users by electronic lockers are installed (Source:

Not every hosting is exactly the same. Even if you have weighed all relevant factors, the first priority always is trust in the provider. We are convinced that this trust can be created only through transparency. Therefore, we warmly invite you to convince yourself of our service in our premises. The Keyweb team is looking forward to your visit.

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