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In their first turnament 2016, the players of SC Keyweb 16 were able to demonstrate their skills with headers, boards-tricks and fairplay.

After an exciting turnament, both our teams are united
After an exciting turnament, both our teams are united

Last friday straight away two Keyweb teams contested in the 1. Thuringian Indoor-Companycup set in the Erfurter sports
park. Overall 16 teams could show off their expertise in this by B-Sports organised indoor turnament.

After intense training, our highly motivated teams coped good-tempered and sometimes very brave with 7 thrilling matches. Not only the pulse of our 16 players acclerated skywards but also the cheering colleagues behind the boards started to sweat well and truly throughout the games.

The team-experience, sporting activity, devotion and first and foremost fun was important to us, so that we are very happy about our places 6 and 16. The cherry on the cake were the awards 'best goalkeeper' and 'best player' which went to two of our players.

Thus, the indoor-companycup was a good rehersal for the upcoming FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt sponsors turnament on May, 14th, where our boys can prove themselves once again, this time in the Steigerwaldstadion.

We'll keep it rolling!