The new Root Dedicated Server KM GB16 of Keyweb impresses with both, latest Intel® Xeon® processors, as well as with 256 GB DDR4 memory and optimized performance at attractive prices.

Already today Keyweb's Dedicated Servers are based on powerful Intel® Xeon® processors. The latest evolution of the Business Line of dedicated servers from Keyweb thrills with an even higher number of processor cores. Instead of the previous 24 cores, now a total of 40 cores is coming on four Intel® Xeon® E5-4620v3 processors, which again increases the efficiency and speed of this high-performing server series.

In addition, the Intel processors used in Keymachine® servers of the Business Line allow the use of so-called hyper-threading (HT), so that each physical core can be treated and utilized as two virtual cores (vCores). Thus, in the new KM GB16 a remarkable number of 80 vCores is available - more than in any other serial server model in the market.

The use of the latest RAM-generation DDR4 increases the available memory bandwidth, whereby data can be processed more quickly. It begins in speed where DDR3 comes to its limits. Nevertheless, this memory uses only a very low operating voltage, so DDR4 consumes 40% less electricity in comparison to the previous generation. Less power consumption means less heat, thus facilitates the cooling of the system. Since the built-in error detection and correction can now be executed much more quickly than under DDR3, DDR4 again exceeds the already high reliability of the previous models.

Within the Business Line and also in the KM GB16 as its flagship full administration rights enable complete control with access to the kernel level, so that their users get maximum freedom to install any application as desired and to configure their servers individually.

Keyweb installs default RAID systems in all Business Managed Servers. These additionally save the important data of the customers on a second hard drive. Unlike the standard software RAID, which is controlled by the main processor, a hardware RAID controller has its own data mirroring. This relieves the main processor, and hence increases the performance of the server.

KeyManaged Service and Keymachine® 5 year full service warranty are included for the KM GB16 as latest generation, as they are included for the entire business line. Customer systems are professionally maintained, configured and monitored. Hardware components are replaced as soon as possible and free of charge if necessary. Keyweb-customers appreciate these services as a professional and reliable framework for high-performance server offers such as the KM GB16. Furthermore short flexible contract terms, convenient freely selectable payment options (direct debit, credit card, bank transfer, PayPal), the purchase option KeyInvest and discount options of up to 20% round up the offer.

Like all server offers from Keyweb, the Root Dedicated Servers are operated in Keyweb-own certified data centers in Germany - for excellent data security and availability.

For more information about the new KM GB16 and the dedicated Business Line servers of Keyweb, please visit:

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