Keyweb and the BVMW show, how networks can grow beyond themselves. Because on the spur of the moment we wanted to help when the BVMW representative Ringo Siemon told us that the first grade of the Pestalozzischule in Weimar needed a PC to learn, calculate, write and research.

With a brand PC from the Keymachine Server Manufactur GmbH we went to Weimar on a foggy morning in May. As soon as we stepped into the classroom, the curious and cheerful students looked at us in anticipation. The dedicated class teacher Mrs. Werner greeted us warmly as well. In a good mood we handed over the eagerly awaited computer along with monitor, mouse and keyboard so that the new technology could be explored and tested immediately.

Under the guidance of their teachers, the children will most of all practice calculating and writing, but also be able to research unknown things in the internet.

It is becoming more and more important to educate the young in matters of handling a PC and IT. This of course, is only possible if the respective technology is present. It is our concern and joy at once to help the Pestalozzischule a little to create best learning conditions for their pupils.

As an owner-operated company we know how much a little support can achieve, especially when it is about encouraging and shaping the adolescent generation, have a share in their development and motivating them.

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