Since 2017 Keyweb is the offical sponsor of the charitable association Seelauscher. The association helps hearing-impaired children, that they can go their way in the hearing world.

Seelauscher - an association , which is a matter of our hearts. Also in our direct enviroment we have been in contact with hearing-impaired people. We got a special sensitivity at this topic by the daily handling and appreciate a good integration of the parties concerned.
The main task of the Seelauscher is the integration of hearing-impaired people to the every day life. The association supports children in the hearing world. Kids have been meeting other hearing loss boys and girls. They discover an ideal meeting place and they have been establishing personal contacts. So the Seelauscher enable the conversation and connecting for kids and parents. The establishment of personal contacts is an important aim to the Seelauscher. The contacts will be strengthen by steady meetings. That way contacts could arise to friendship. Boys and gils facilitate their way to the hearing world by regular interaction about their experience and mutual understanding.
The main aim of the Seelauscher is a mutual togetherness. So persons concerned feel that they are not alone. The association evoke a big attention to us and therefore we are proud to support the honest engagment by takeover of the hosting service for the association website. Now we can contribute the important task on the digital level.

charitable association Seelauscher supported by Keyweb AG
The charitable association Seelauscher in action

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