Application possibilities of the free server administration tool have been extended many times over

A fews days ago, the latest version of the free server administration tool KeyHelp® was released. This release introduces a REST (Representational State Transfer) API that allows you to combine KeyHelp® with a wide variety of applications for even more versatile use and automation.

KeyHelp 19.3 with REST API released

For example, with KeyHelp® 19.3, you can automate tasks, integrate KeyHelp® into your own billing software (such as the WHMCS interface), remotely control the server, or create a custom administrative interface which is connected with the KeyHelp® features.

New features in the new KeyHelp® release include the ability to put it into maintenance mode so that administrators can make changes in KeyHelp® undisturbed. New security measures to secure critical areas – such as the login area – have been implemented. In addition, an update of the certificate management was carried out, so that in den future Let's-Encrypt certificates can be obtained without problems. The language scope of KeyHelp® has been extended to onclude the Brazilian Portuguese language, so the software is now available in 9 languages.

A full documentation of all available API functions you can find here:

Here you can always find news about KeyHelp:

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