Keyweb and the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt

Keyweb and the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt

Official Technology Partner
of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt

Support out of Solidarity

Keyweb was founded in Erfurt 20 years ago now. Many people are deeply rooted in Erfurt and the Thuringian region. As a Thuringian, in particular as a citizen of Erfurt, there is truly no way to get around the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt. Because the roots of Erfurt's soccer reach far to the late 19th century, the numerous experiences - whether ups and downs - were witnessed by generations. Thanks to powerful players such as Busse, Heun, Rene Müller and many more, fighting spirit and the steady aim to strengthen soccer in the region and to act as a flagship of the city - the Red-Whites continuously enlarged the number of supporters and finally became a fixed and established character in the region.

Keyweb - official technology partner

Keyweb is the official technology partner of FC ROT-Weiss Erfurt

"As a company from Erfurt it is something very special for us to join the region's so traditional FC RWE as its official technology partner as part of a sponsorship. We keep fingers crossed for the team and wish maximum success!"

Frank Nowag, CEO

Our Commitment as a reliable Technology Partner

Thus, this partnership is even more important for Keyweb. As the "Official Technology Partner of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt" we perfectly combine our credo of passion for more (hosting) performance with a strong performer in the region. Just like the team, we also daily give our best and want to keep our customers and partners satisfied at any time. For that we go beyond our borders.

Within the framework of technological cooperation, we take care for the entire IT infrastructure of RWE: Ranging from the deployment and implementation of notebooks, servers and backup servers over the outsourcing of servers in Keyweb high-performance data centers to the maintenance and monitoring of all services, around the clock.

logo rwe-tv Furthermore, we realise further joint activities like the development of the RWE-TV, an online TV-platform, that already contains press conferences, business evenings and the sponsors tournament as well as special reports. RWE-TV is constantly being developed and should continue to provide additional interesting and entertaining video content for fans such as fan-insides and reports of training camps or the youth development.

For perfect fan feeling come over now and visit RWE TV.

When Committment and Enthusiasm grow, then...
… Ideas are created, such as a Sponsors Tournament

Keyweb initiated and finally presented the project of the Sponsors Tournament of FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt, which was probably the logical consequence of long conversations with managers of FC RWE and the related final infection with the soccer fever. Between necessary meetings and plans it did not take long until the urge came up to "really" play soccer. Then why should we not actively bring together the promoters of the club this way? The idea was born quickly. In the meantime, the RWE Sponsor Tournament has become a solid annual event for many RWE supporters and sponsors, as it provides the perfect setting for sporting successes, new contacts on the sidelines and lots of fun.

Further details on the sponsors tournament presented by Keyweb are on our blog and in the press section of our website. In addition, some highlights were summarized in numerous image-impressions (2015 / 2016).