don’t just rent, own it!

Why rent a server when you could buy it and own it?

This is in essence, what KeyInvest is about.

We have asked ourselves,
why should our customers not be able to buy rather than just rent their server?

Does it not make sense to own it after a certain amount of time?

It is not really standard practice, but we are doing it: as long as you have had your leased server hosted in our data centre for the duration of 36 months and kept in housing for a further year we will, upon request, send you your server for the sale price of a single Euro – and the shipment is free of charge, as well. Furthermore, we will give you a another 2-years unlimited warranty for your Keymachine® or your Mac server.

KeyInvest is available for the following products

Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X Server

The power of a true Mac!
Reliable hosting based on Apple.

from 99.- € / month 1
The offer

Business Line Server

Business Line Server

Your dedicated server
for reliable high performances incl. KeyManaged

from 129.- € / month 1
The offer

Performance Description

  • In connection with ordering the Keymachine® of the Business Line – KM MB14, KM SB14, KM LB14 or KM GB16 - you will gain unlimited ownership of the server, if you have leased it from Keyweb for the duration of 36 months and kept it for colocation in our data centers for a further year. You can decide for KeyInvest and owning your server right at the time of placing the initial order or also at a later date during your contract term. At the end of the contract term we will sell you the Keymachine® for one Euro.

  • You then have the choice of having your server send to you free of charge or of having it hosted again at Keyweb under a colocation contract. In either case you will have a further 2-year full warranty from us for your Keymachine® or your Mac Server.

  • So that the contractual agreement regarding the server acquisition can come into effect, you must let us know your intentions in writing at least 14 days prior to the 36-months contract period coming to an end.

Do you have further questions

about the KeyInvest option? We are happy to advise you. Please call us or send us an email.

Phone: +49 361-658 53 73 (8:00 am – 5:30 pm)

1 These prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different. Fees are payable in advance for the respective invoicing period.