GeoTrust True BusinessID

GeoTrust® True BusinessID
with organisational validation

The GeoTrust® True BusinessID SSL certificate offers protection for a single domain or subdomain. The high level of authentification, a comprehensive validation of both, the domain and of the actual owner of the domain, make this certificate particularly suited when website visitors should be signaled a high level of security and trustworthiness. GeoTrust® True BusinessID SSL certificates have a 256 bit SSL encryption, include the dynamic secured quality seal and offer the option to extend the protection of a certificate to include several domains and servers.


  • Secure login for public and employee sites, protection of web servers, including gateways, online forms, mail and FTP servers and VPNs
  • Organization authentification: checking of domain and organisation name through GeoTrust®
  • Secure 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Guaranteed insurance for $ 250,000
  • Dynamic secured Trusted Site Seal from GeoTrust®
  • Simple ordering, renewal and management via the customer menu (KCM)
  • Short issuance time of just one or two workdays
  • Choice between terms for the certificates from 1 to 3 years
  • Option for unlimited server licenses
  • Multi-domain options available (Subject Alternative Name)
Universal validity
  • Compatible with more than 99 % of web browsers and most mobile browsers
  • Can be used independent of provider and products
  • GeoTrust® is one of the largest and best-known certificate authorities worldwide


The True BusinessID SSL certificate from GeoTrust® protects all websites, that require a registration. This HTTPS certificate gives employees, business partners and customers assurance of identity and trustworthiness for your website.

A single click on the dynamic secured quality seal from GeoTrust® provides the date and the name of the certificate owner to visitors, and clearly shows that a trustworthy body such as GeoTrust® has checked the authenticity of your website. Comprehensive authentification procedures verify domain name and domain owner, amongst other things by checking telephone details and by verifying the registration in the commercial register.

Depending on the visitor’s browser capacity and the algorithms installed on your web server, the True BusinessID SSL certificate offers encryption of up to 256 bit SSL. Furthermore, you gain an insurance cover of up to $ 250,000 with this SSL certificate.

You can simply configure your True BusinessID SSL certificate through the customer menu or KCM. Here you will also find more information on extending your HTTPS certificate and on ordering further certificates in the ticket system. In addition to the protection of a domain or subdomain over a period from 1 to 3 years, a True Business ID SSL certificate also gives you the option to secure and insure further domain names (SAN) in addition to your main domain. SAN domains (“Subject Alternative Names”) are charged on top of the existing SSL certificate and must be stated together with the contract duration at the time of ordering the certificate.

You can use the True BusinessID SSL certificate for existing webhosting packages, for virtual and dedicated servers at Keyweb, but you can also use them at other internet service providers.


  • Selecting the term for the certificate
  • Stating the exact domain name, e.g. (the certificate can either be accessed with or without “www”; both at the same time are not possible).
  • Only for companies usable
  • Business address for which the certificate is issued
  • Name, first name, telephone number and email address of the person responsible and their position in the company, such as Head of Technology
  • A confirmation link is sent to the email address that you enter, hence the address has to have one of the following address formats: admin@yourdomain, webmaster@yourdomain, administrator@yourdomain, hostmaster@yourdomain, postmaster@yourdomain
  • Stating a CSR key (public key): we will be happy to generate a CSR code for you. If you want to generate the key yourself, please email us the key to, stating which SSL software was used to produce it.
  • If SAN domains are desired:
    • Acquire at least 4 SAN domains as a practical SAN 4-pack, then individual UC / SAN can be added
    • All SAN domains must be on the same server and be determined in the order process


Would you like to buy an SSL certificate? Ordering your SSL certificate is very simple. When you have selected a suitable certificate, click on “Order” and as a next step enter the desired term. After that, complete your information and select how you wish to pay. You will then receive an order confirmation with a link to our Key Control Management Centre (KCM). You can let us know any further configuration requirements you may have, add further SAN domains, if you wish and complete the order through the ticketing system.

Should you have any questions regarding the correct SSL certificate for you or if you would like further information, we will be happy to advise you. Just get in touch. We gladly call you back, when using our free callback service.

Your customers shall see at a glance that your website is legal and your data safe? Select the green browser address bar and get the True BusinessID with EV SSL Certificate from GeoTrust®. More information