GeoTrust TrueBusinessID with EV

GeoTrust TrueBusinessID with EV

GeoTrust® TrueBusinessID SSL Certificate
with Extended Validation (EV)
The green address bar for security at first sight.

The GeoTrust® True BusinessID® SSL certificate with EV has currently the highest possible authentification rating of all SSL certificates for the protection of a domain or subdomain. Visitors of the website can identify the company name immediately thanks to the address bar highlighted in green. Coupled with the symbol of the closed padlock and the dynamic secured seal of GeoTrust® this signals your site's visitors, that your organisation is reputable and that your website is very secure.


  • Create visual confidence and security for all users on online banking level
  • Optimum protection against phishing attacks
  • The highest level of authentication: validation of domain name and business plus additional verification procedures in accordance with Directive by GeoTrust®
  • Secure 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Guaranteed insurance for $ 500,000
  • Green browser address bar with direct visibility of the verified company name and the authentication authority
  • Display of the internet address with "https" and a closed padlock
  • Customer confidence by displaying the dynamic GeoTrust® Trusted Site Seal
  • Simple ordering, renewal and management via the customer menu (KCM)
  • Issuance time of just one to 10 workdays
  • Validity options of 1-2 years
  • Multi-domain options available (Subject Alternative Name)
Universal validity
  • Compatible with more than 99 % of web browsers and most mobile browsers
  • Can be used independently from the provider
  • GeoTrust® is one of the largest and best-known certificate authorities


GeoTrust® True BusinessID® SSL certificates with EV ensure encryption protection of up to 256 bit SSL for public websites, where customers enter their credit card details or other highly sensitive data (e.g. when shopping online, for the purpose of online banking, secure registrations and account self-service interactions). Businesses that rely on the quantity of transactions and the value added as a result of these transactions are able to increase their transaction completion rate with this certificate and can at the same time reduce the number of aborted sales transactions, etc. You are insured against certificate misuse up to the sum of $ 500,000.

The expanded validation includes, in addition to checking the domain, also checking detailed information about the operator of the website. This information is subject to comprehensive and stringent checks. Prior to issuing the certificate GeoTrust® checks, amongst other things, the company name that has been registered, the registration number, the registered address, the actual business address and the business name used.

As a highly visible signal, that your company complies with the most powerful authentication level all over the world, the address bar changes its colour to green in modern browsers. At the same time your domain’s IP address is shown as “https” coupled with a closed padlock. The name of your company and the certification authority appears next to the IP address. This way you are clearly distinguished from many fellow competitors. You are showing your customers at first sight, that online security is important to you. By integrating the dynamic secured seal trustmark from GeoTrust® you are disclosing your domain name, your organisation and your location to the visitor, which help to strengthen visitors' trust in your identity.

The Key Control Management Centre (KCM) allows you to configure your SSL certificates with ease. Here you will also find more information on extending options for your certificate and on ordering further HTTPS certificates in the ticket system. A True BusinessID® SSL certificate with EV has a validity for up to two years. If you want to use a certificate in order to improve the security of further domain names in addition to your primary domain, you may order SAN domains (“Subject Alternative Names”). The costs for SAN domains are charged on top of the fees for the existing certificate and they must be named, the same way as the term, at the time of the initial ordering.

You can use the True BusinessID SSL certificate for existing webhosting packages, for virtual and dedicated servers at Keyweb, but you can also use them at other internet service providers.


  • Selecting the term for the certificate
  • Stating the exact domain name, e.g. (the certificate can either be accessed with or without “www”, both at the same time are not possible).
  • The company/organisation has to be registered at an official registration body within your jurisdiction
  • Signed contract confirmation by the signatory of the organisation, who is listed on the order form, as well as a legal opinion that shows, that the person making the application has the official authorisation to obtain and approve an SSL certificate with EV on behalf of the organisation
  • Confirming an active deposit account and confirming the exclusive right to use the domain in question
  • Business address for which the certificate should be issued
  • Name, first name, telephone number and email address of the person responsible and his or her position in the company, such as Head of Technology
  • A confirmation link is sent to the email address that you enter, hence the address has to be one of the following address types: admin@yourdomain, webmaster@yourdomain, administrator@yourdomain, hostmaster@yourdomain, postmaster@yourdomain
  • Stating a CSR key (public key): We will be happy to generate a CSR code for you. If you want to generate the key yourself, please email us the key to, stating which SSL software was used to produce it.
  • Adding SAN domains:
    • Acquisition of at least 4 SAN domains as a practical SAN-4-Package, after that individual UC/SANs can be added on
    • All SAN domains must be located on the same server and must be laid down during the initial ordering process


Would you like to buy an SSL certificate? Ordering your SSL certificate is very simple. When you have selected a suitable certificate, click on “Order” and as a next step enter the desired term. Afterwards complete your information and select how you wish to pay. You will then receive an order confirmation with a link to our Key Control Management Centre (KCM). You can let us know any further configuration requirements you may have, add further SAN domains, if you wish and complete the order through the ticketing system.

We are always there for you. Should you have any questions regarding the correct SSL certificate for you or if you would like further information, we will be available to advise you. Just get in touch. We will be happy to call you back using our free callback service.

Do you need to protect further domain names with a certificate? Select UC/SAN domains (“Subject Alternative Names”) True BusinessID with EV and create a joint protection for up to 25 domain names.