Thawte SSL 123

Thawte® SSL123 Certificate
SSL Certificate for domain checks
in just a few minutes

The Thawte® SSL123 certificate offers with 128 to 256 bit encryption protection for intranets, mail server and other web-based internal communication applications that are not affected by phishing or fraud. An SSL123 certificate has the benefit of rapid issuance times, as only the WHOIS entry of the domain is checked by Thawte®. Using this HTTPS certificate you are able to have a complete encrypted connection to your web server with a verified domain name within the shortest possible time.


  • Protection for intranet, mail and FTP server and confidential information
  • Domain authentification: checking of domain name through Thawte®
  • Secure 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Guaranteed insurance for $ 100,000
  • Incl. certification seal Thawte® Trusted Site Seal
  • Simple ordering, renewal and management via the customer menu (KCM)
  • Short issuance time of just a few minutes (depending on availability of registration data of the domain name)
  • Securing SSL certificates with several years’ validity possible
Universal validity
  • Compatible with more than 99 % of web browsers and most mobile browsers
  • Can be used independent of provider
  • Thawte® is one of the leading verification authorities and has a
    global infrastructure


Choosing the right SSL certificate really depends on the level of reassurance that your customers need for using your site and the security needs required by your business. This cost-effective SSL123 certificate from Thawte® protects a single domain or sub-domain. The issuance of the SSL certificate through validating the authenticity of the domain names gives users of websites a certain minimum degree of security and allows issuing a certificate within minutes.

With an SSL encryption of up to 256 bit for current operating systems and browsers, confidential information is surveilled for example when transmitted during registration procedures and customers’ online banking self-service. Furthermore you are automatically insured to the sum of $ 100,000 against damages that may potentially arise as a result of misuse of a certificate.

The Thawte® Trusted Site Seal that you gain with ordering your Thawte® SSL123 certificate shows your customers and website users the measures you have taken to protect your website. Just one click and the user can see the verified domain name.

You can comfortably manage your certificates via the Key Control Management Centre. Here you will also find information on how to extend your certificates and on how to acquire further ones. The term of your Thawte® SSL123 certificate ranges between one year and 3 years, freely selected by you during the ordering process.

It is entirely up to you, how you want to use the purchased SSL123 certificates: the certificate can be used for an existing web hosting package or for virtual or dedicated servers, and may be used with different providers as well.

The Thawte® SSL123 certificate is particularly well-suited to protect internal communications and intranets used by employees and other website users.


  • Selecting the term for the certificate
  • Stating the exact domain name, e.g. (the certificate can either be accessed with or without “www”; both at the same time are not possible).
  • Business address for which the certificate is issued
  • Name, first name, telephone number and email address of the person responsible and their position in the company, such as Head of Technology
  • A confirmation link is sent to the email address that you enter, hence the address has to be one of the following address formats: admin@yourdomain, webmaster@yourdomain, administrator@yourdomain, hostmaster@yourdomain, postmaster@yourdomain
  • Stating a CSR key (public key): we will be happy to generate a CSR code for you. If you want to generate the key yourself, please email us the key to, stating which SSL software was used to produce it.


You would like to buy an SSL certificate? Ordering your SSL certificate is very simple. Once you have selected a suitable certificate click on “Order” and tick the desired term in the next step. Afterwards complete your information and select how you wish to pay. You will then receive an order confirmation by clicking on our Key Control Management Centre (KCM). You can let us know any further configuration requirements you may have, add further SAN domains, if you wish and complete the order through the ticketing system.

We are always here for you. Should you have any questions regarding the correct SSL certificate for you or if you want further information, we will be available to advise you. Just get in touch. We will be happy to call you back using our free callback service.

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