FAQ: Technical Information

Find answers to questions about technical information.

Where are the Keyweb servers located?

We operate our own high-end data centres in Erfurt, Thuringia, where all our servers are housed. The Keyweb data centres ensure the trouble-free operation of the server infrastructure based on optimal network connection, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), air-conditioned environments, admission controls, video surveillance and much more.

Is server availability guaranteed?

In our Service Level Agreements we guarantee you a reliable, fast and professional connection with availability of the services offered at an annual average of 99%. The availability of the respective services is measured with internal and external measuring stations specially set up outside of our own network and a 24/7 monitoring system checks the functionality and quality of our hardware around the clock. Based on the measurements of past years the availability of all services provided by us lay with an annual average of 99.9 % above the performance guaranteed by us. You can find more detailed information about this in our Service-Level-Agreements.

Which operating system is used for the servers of Keyweb?

All systems are operated with Linux/Apache web servers as standard.

Which bandwidth do I have available?

Depending on the tariff you choose, you have a bandwidth between 100 Mbit Switch Port and 1 Gbit Switch Port at your disposal. Exact details about the respective bandwidth can be found in the corresponding tariffs.