Find answers to questions about domains.

What is a domain?

A domain is the internet address of a website which is unambiguous and appears just once in the World Wide Web and which, following certain rules, is furnished with a freely selectable name as part of a Top Level Domain. It is made up of several elements.

Example: http://www. keyweb .de

http stands for hypertext transfer protocol and designates the data transfer type used to send communication to the internet browser.

www is the abbreviation for World Wide Web and is completed with a dot after the third w. It is also called the Third Level Domain and it is the prefix to every internet address.

What follows is the Second Level Domain. This is the name of your choice.

What rules have to be observed when choosing a domain name?

Except for the minus symbol ("-") domains must not contain any empty spaces or any other symbols. Please make sure that your desired domain name is not protected by trademark rights or copyrights of third parties.

What does TLD mean?

Every domain name on the internet consists of a sequence of characters which are separated by dots. The term Top Level Domain Or abbreviated TLD in this context refers to the last segment in this sequence and designates the highest level within this name structure.

How do I order a new domain?

If you want to check the availability of your desired domain simply enter the respective domain name in the domain check field and select your preferred domain ending. Next click “check domain”.

You will then get an overview about your domain selection and you can see whether the domain is still available or has been taken already. If you want to order a domain that is available, click on ‘order’ and then click ‘next’. If you want to transfer an existing domain to Keyweb, tick the box domain transfer and enter, if you know it, the corresponding Auth-Code into the respective field.

How quickly can my new domain be registered?

The registration of a domain is generally performed in real time, i.e. the registration is forwarded immediately to the appropriate registry operator. The domain you ordered is therefore being registered for you just a few minutes after your contract has been cleared! Please bear in mind, however, that the registration of a domain only actually takes place when you have paid the invoice amount.

Which contract durations apply to domains?

Domains are registered for a period of 12 months as a matter of principle. Any further domains ordered and added subsequently by the same customer also have a contract duration of 12 months from the time of registration.

Can I order further domains to add to my hosting package / my server?

You can add further domains to your contract at any time.

Can I change a domain name after registration?

Because a domain is always registered for 12 months and registration is binding, it is not possible to make changes to the name.

Who is the owner/Admin-C of domains?

Owner/Admin-C of domains is normally the person that has ordered the domain from us. Resellers let us know beforehand, whether they themselves or their own customers should be registered as domain holders on WHOIS.

How do I terminate individual domains?

Termination is effected via a simple signed letter send in by post, fax or pdf file and must be received by us at least 14 days before the registered 12 months period ends.

What happens when a domain is deleted?

When deleting a domain the domain is irretrievably removed – the process cannot be undone again. After deletion the domain name becomes freely available again and may be registered anew by anybody.

What is involved in returning a domain to DENIC?

When a de-domain is returned to DENIC it is released from the responsibility of Keyweb AG, which also returns to DENIC. DENIC gets in touch with the holder in order to clarify what their intention is as regards the domain.

How do I initiate a (DE)NIC deletion?

Deletion is effected by the termination plus a written additional declaration of the owner that s/he does request the irrevocable deletion of the domain.

How can I release my domain for a transfer?

The release to transfer is effected with the termination of the domain coupled with requesting the Auth-Code.

Are there any deadlines for a contract termination?

The deadlines for the termination of your domain differ depending on the product: If you have ordered web space (memory capacity) a period of notice of 14 days to the end of the respective prepayment period applies.

If you have a domain without web space, have additional domains at a web space tariff or have ordered Top Level Domains, a period of notice of between 2 to 6 weeks to the end of the contract must be observed for a contract duration of 12 months. We will send you information regarding the period of notice applicable for the domain ending you ordered with your first invoice in the post. If you are not terminating the contract it is automatically extended by another term in correspondence with the billing period.

Make use of domains in connection with a virtual or dedicated server with access to domain registration tools where you as customer take care yourself of the administration of your registered domains. This way you are solely responsible for the timely termination of your domains. Any respective additional registered domains must be terminated to the end of the contract duration giving a notice period of one day. If you are not using the domain registration tool, you have to instruct Keyweb at least 2 working days prior to the respective period of notice with the termination of the domain in question.

How will I receive the Auth-Code when I terminate my domain with Keyweb?

The Auth-Code is given to the customer together with the confirmation of the contract termination. This is done via email.

What is the Auth-Code and why do I need it when transferring domains?

The Auth-Code (Authorisation Code) is a combination of several letters, numbers and/or symbols which are generated specially for each individual domain. Only if the new provider has this code they are able to initiate a domain transfer.

Why do I get WHOIS reminder emails or extension emails??

You receive these emails so that your WHOIS data can be kept up to date.

Can I also have third party domains hosted with Keyweb?

Of course you can also use third party domains and apply the products of Keyweb for them. This is made possible through forwarding and redirection.

What is the domain registration tool and what can I do with it?

With the aid of a domreg tool (Domain Registration Tool) you have the option to be in charge of the administration of your domain yourself, independent from the Keyweb AG. This means that you can carry out registrations, transfers, transits, deletions, contact updates etc. yourself.

Is Keyweb a member of DENIC?

Yes, the Keyweb AG is an official member of DENIC, i.e. we registrate .de domains directly with DENIC, the central and official registry of .de Top Level Domains. For you as a customer of Keyweb this brings the great advantage of us not being reliant on third-party providers, since we register .de domains directly with DENIC which means we can execute your order quickly and reliably.

How do I transfer a domain to Keyweb?

Transferring a domain to us is easy. When ordering just enter the domain to be transferred and the so-called Auth-Code for this domain. The Auth-Code is a unique password for the transfer which entitles us to relocate the domain on your behalf automatically to us from your old provider. If you don’t have the Auth-Code at hand at the time of ordering, you may tell us the code at a later date via our ticketing system in our KCM centre. Please remember to cancel/terminate your domain with your existing provider and remember to request the Authorisation Code by using the Provider Transfer Application. Upon completion of the ordering process you will receive an order confirmation via email from us, and we will contact you by telephone to check that all the information provided is accurate. We will then get in touch with your former provider to take care of everything else that needs to be done. You will only receive an invoice once the transfer has been successfully completed.

If your domain has a different ending than de, .eu, .com, .net, .mobi, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .tv and .name, you can still proceed with your order. In this case we will make enquiries on your behalf as to the applicable transfer conditions for your particular domain ending and we will let you know the outcome of our enquiries. You are then free to decide whether you still wish to go ahead with a provider transfer.

Am I going to be notified via email about the individual steps to be taken to change providers?

You will receive an email from us when your domain transfer has been successful and has been released. We will also inform you in the event of your existing provider rejecting the application of a change of provider.

Will I incur any costs when transferring a domain to Keyweb?

The transfer itself is free. You only pay the annual fee for the respective TLD.