FAQ: Dedicated Managed Server 

Find answers to questions about Dedicated Managed Server.

What is a dedicated server?

In a nutshell: a server just for you. Dedicated servers form a complete system, whose resources you can make full use of without having to share them with anybody else. Dedicated servers therefore make sense for demanding applications or where an internet presence is subject to heavy use/traffic. On one hand the advantage of this server version is that it is flexible and can be adapted to suit the different user requirements, and on the other hand it still provides full capacity, giving you unlimited hardware access for example.

Can I have my server built or configured to suit my own needs?

Of course you can also have a server put together according to your individual specifications. We will advise you by phone or you can send us your requirements in the inquiry form Dedicated Custom-Made.

Which operating system is installed in my dedicated server?

When ordering you can choose from different Linux distributions. A Windows installation is also possible. You can use your own licence or buy a licence from Keyweb.

Can I also have different Linux distributions or operating systems installed rather than the ones offered by Keyweb?

Yes, this is possible after corresponding agreement with our technical
department. Alternatively, you can gain access to a KVM-system, with
which you can install the server according to your ideas. Business Line
servers come with a KVM-access by default.

Please bear in mind: we can only provide complete support for systems
we offer for installation on our website.

What is the scope of the installations?

If you order a server without Admin Software (e.g. Plesk), your server will be installed with the basic system including SSH access. You are then at liberty to install and configure any additional services to suit your needs.

Servers with admin software already have all services necessary to operate webhosting installed, e.g.: web server inclusive of different scripting language modules, MySQL Server, Mail Server, POP3/IMAP Server, Spam Filter, and FTP Server.

The respective versions depend on the operating system selected.

Which host name will my server have?

Generally all servers are given a name in the format of kmXXXXX.keymachine.de. But you also have the option to use your own domain name as your server name. In this case you have to remember, however, that the domain name is not included in the server price and neither is it automatically registered by us!

Can I change from a dedicated server to another server?

Please contact our sales department to perform a shift from one server product to another. They will in consultation with the technical department consider the feasibility and will then discuss the required steps and eventual outage time with you individually.

How do I order additional features?

If you want to extend the performance and/or the services of your dedicated server, please contact us via the support system in our customer area. Your personal queries can be checked via this route and if necessary we can then make you a new offer.

Is there a remote console?

You have the opportunity of gaining temporary access via a KVM console for a fee. To do so simply open a helpdesk ticket.

Servers from our business range come with KVM access via IPMI as standard.

Do I have to monitor the hardware (e.g. the RAID) myself?

In the event of an outage of your server or individual services you have the opportunity to stay informed through our monitoring system via email or SMS and you can also activate an automatic restart via our reset system. A manual restart of a server by our technicians does, however, only take place if the customer has requested this via the ticketing system.

Monitoring of a RAID is not activated when a server is delivered. If it reports a problem, we contact you and arrange a time to carry out a check.

How do I manage my dedicated server?

The operation is primarily effected via the remote control protocols which are generated by the operating systems. In Linux systems you can use SSH to do this and in Windows systems it’s the remote desktop. If you have ordered administration software, you can conveniently make configurations, such as setting up web space or creating email addresses, through a web-based interface.

What kind of administration interfaces can be installed?

Basically, any administration interface can be installed that is compatible with the installed operating system.

We offer you the admin-software Plesk. Only for Plesk will you receive full support from us plus the respective licences needed to operate the software.