Find answers to questions about Cloud Server.

What’s the difference between a Keyweb Private Cloud Server and servers from the prime and business range?

Servers from our prime and business range are pre-configured for the simple operation of standard private and business applications. They do not require any previous knowledge, for example to set up domains or databases. The administration software conveniently takes care of this for you. And because you have 100% root access there are no other limitations. Our private cloud server is aimed at customers that need to present complex visualisations on their machines but do not want to have to bother with installation or set-up. Our private S14 and L14 servers come with a complete user programm. This interface enables you to add, change or delete virtual machines with great ease.

On which virtualisation platform is a cloud server based and which operating systems are run on it?

Several software packages on the market are specialised on virtualisation. Our servers are principally compatible with all products. We have opted to provide our own, in-house solution, which is based on Proxmox. We aim at giving our customers second-to-none support and for this reason strive to avoid, wherever possible, “off-the-shelf” software. Should you, however, prefer different software to ours, we shall be happy to install it for you. In this case please discuss your preferences before submitting your order. The same also applies to the operating systems. We recommend Linux Derivate Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. Of course, any other Linux Distribution as well as Microsoft Server can also be run.

How many cloud servers can I use simultaneously?

Our private cloud servers are limited to the number of virtual machines. Beyond this there is of course the possibility of using further cloud servers running parallel. Please bear in mind that each individual server is a closed off unit on its own – i.e. you cannot access the resources of the respective other servers or make use of them. For such applications the so-called public cloud servers exist, which we will also offer as part of our portfolio in the near future.

Are additional IP addresses available?

We supply a sufficient number of IPv4 addresses for S14 (6 addresses) and for L14 (12 addresses). These are necessary in order to operate the virtual servers. We happily make further IP addresses from the IPv6 address area available to you, should you require these. As a direct member of Ripe we also have the option to order relevant customer networks upon request. Contact us if you want to find out more about this.

What hardware is used for the cloud servers?

The Private Cloud Servers are principally based on Keymachine® Hardware from our business range.