Find answers to questions about partner sheme.

How much does it cost to be a partner?

The Keyweb AG Partner Scheme is totally free of charge. No financial obligations - you don’t pay anything!

Where do visitors to my website end up when clicking on the link/banner ad?

As soon as visitors to your site click on the respective Keyweb ad banner, they are directly forwarded to the domain pages of

Can I use more than one of your banners and links on my webpages?

There are no limitations whatsoever as to the choice or number of banners that you can use. You may, for example, not just have a banner on your homepage, but can also place banners on several subpages of your website.

Am I permitted to use the links on different websites?

Where you place the links is entirely up to you. Basically, you are allowed to use them on any number of websites. But please note that all linked URLs must be documented on your Partner Account, as otherwise we are unable to link and credit traffic to your account/person.

Can I also put other sponsors on my website?

Which and how many other ad banners or links to other advertising partners you are using on your website again is entirely up to you.

Can the link open up as pop-up, in a frame or in a new window?

We hope you understand that any text link/banner has to be firmly integrated within your website.

Which clicks earn commission?

This is how easy it is to earn money: you earn commission for each visitor who lands on our website as a result of clicking on a banner or link on your website, and who then places an order (new customers only).

How often is the commission paid out?

We pay out your commission quarterly, if the amount has reached at least € 50. You may change this amount to suit you, if you wish.

Which other rules do I have to follow in this Partner Scheme?

All preconditions and regulations can be found under “Rules” in the Partner Scheme.

Where can I find further information or help for the Partner Scheme?

An extensive Partner Scheme Manual can be downloaded as a PDF from the login area of the Keyweb Partner Scheme. Should you have any further queries or need support you can contact us at any time at [email protected].