FAQ: Administration Software KeyHelp

Find answers to questions about KeyHelp®.

What is KeyHelp?

With KeyHelp® we provide an among insiders very popular administration tool available for your Linux server (for Ubuntu LTS from 12.04 on). It is especially appreciated that KeyHelp® can be used for free and for an unlimited number of domains. The management interface of KeyHelp® is extremely user friendly and clear. Even without deep technical knowledge you are able to take full advantage of the wide range of functions thanks to a particularly simple user interface and menu design. Manage your Web server without training time on our administration software, and without knowledge of the operating system - easy, fast, without compromise.
Furthermore, KeyHelp® allows you the establishment/management of any administration-related applications, such as webmail, spam filtering, databases. For convenient administration KeyHelp® is already included not only in Keyweb's virtual servers and dedicated servers, but also in private cloud servers and the web hosting tariff.

Where do I find KeyHelp?

Type the IP address of your server, or the server name in a browser of your choice.

Is there a guide for KeyHelp?

There are 2 manuals for KeyHelp®. The Administration Manual is intended for administrators and describes the setup and management of your server, including the creation of users and domains, adding SSL certificates, editing DNS zones and access to various settings to customize the server perfectly to your needs.

The User Manual documents the user's view of KeyHelp® for example of web hosting customers, and describes how to manage your account, for instance the creation of e-mail addresses, the adding FTP users and the access to web statistics and additional functions.
Links to the manuals can be found in our download area: