Managed Server Hosting

Managed Server Hosting

Managed Server Hosting
Flexible Managed Server Support
with full admin rights

  • already included in many hosting tariffs
  • if desired, the Keyweb Support Team can take over defined technical tasks
  • cost and time saving

As part of our Managed Service, which comes free with most of our dedicated server products, you get all the necessary support that you require for a professionally managed and maintained server.

All your needs and desires in terms of software installation, configuration and monitoring are performed for you by our qualified system technicians after being discussed in detail and agreed with you within the framework of Managed Service Hosting. In all this you have full root access and control at all times – naturally!

Outsource all the technical work on your servers and systems that only cost you valuable time with Managed Server Hostings. This saves time and money.

Scope of services of Keyweb Managed Server Hosting

In addition to our general Service Level Agreements (SLA), our Managed Service includes the following services:

  • Reliable support by phone and ticket system during business hours until 6 p.m., outside business hours support is available at remote hands conditions
  • Server restart
  • Installation and configuration of the operating system
  • Installation of programming languages Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Installation and configuration of Firewall software such as iptables, ufw etc.
  • Installation and configuration of FTP servers
  • Installation and configuration of SMTP servers
  • Installation and configuration of SSL certificates
  • Installation and configuration of name servers
  • Installation and updates after consultation
  • Planning and installing your backup solutions
  • Monitoring your server in KCM using Nagios and free SMS notification in the event of service outages
  • Installation and configuration of applications, scripts and services
  • Recommendation in case of problems with applications and services (in as far as is possible)
  • Support in spotting and combating security-specific risks

Furthermore we will be pleased to help you with any problems/incidents not mentioned here, if we are familiar with them.

Managed Pro Service for extended support requirements

Managed Server Hosting

Experience shows that the Managed Service covers the standard needs of most customers. For projects requiring particularly intensive support and other special requirements with proactive, technical maintenance work, we offer our Managed Pro Service. Here, all services are individually defined with you and contractually agreed.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information on request.

Do you have questions about Managed Server Hosting or Managed Pro Service,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to answering your questions.


Managed Server Hosting

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Managed Server Hosting

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Managed Server Hosting Keyweb advantages

Managed Server Hosting

included in all dedicated server tariffs

Managed Server Hosting

with all other hosting products optionally optional for 9 € per month

Managed Server Hosting

technical execution of all maintenance work by competent system specialists

Managed Server Hosting

you always have unlimited root access

Managed Server Hosting

you retain full control over your systems

Managed Server Hosting

valuable cost and time savings through best price-performance package

Our products with Managed Service included

Keymachine Server

Dedicated base servers for larger projects and Internet applications

from 59.- € / month 1.

To the tariffs

Keymachine Server Pro

Dedicated business servers for above average performance requirements

from 129.- € / month 1.

To the tariffs

1 These prices are inclusive of 16 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different. Fees are payable in advance for the respective invoicing period.