Business Cloud solutions for companiesCloud solutions for companies

Stable, secure & GDPR-compliant IT structures in just a few days. Without maintenance effort. Without high investments.

  • focus on data & cyber security
  • server location Germany
  • availability of 99.9 %
  • 24/7 technical support within minutes
  • personal, individual project consulting
  • focus on data & cyber security
  • server location Germany
  • availability of 99.9 %
  • 24/7 technical support within minutes
  • personal, individual project consulting

Complications in local IT often mean long waiting times, annoyed customers or even data loss, especially for small and medium-sized companies. The maintenance costs are high, as are the personnel costs.

The easiest solution for your business: the path to the cloud. Those who value data security and high-performance systems use secure, flexible and GDPR-compliant solutions. These can be implemented precisely with a business cloud.

Set high standards for your IT right from the start. Together with you, we will find the ideal business cloud solution for your company that is secure and reliable – in the long term.

With the Keyweb Cloud System to modern and flexible business

Individual cloud concept from a professional

One-size-fits-all? We see it differently! You receive an individually adapted cloud concept from our cloud professionals for a cloud solution that meets your requirements not only for the moment, but in the long term.

The ideal Business Cloud solution

Whether IT infrastructure on a cloud basis or functional business cloud for data backup and exchange with customers and colleagues. With business cloud solutions, your IT simply works. Find your Business Cloud!

Regular data backup – absolutely!

Regardless of whether a cyber attack, an internal error or other reasons triggered the loss of your data – a backup can save your business. If it is located at another location and protected by numerous security measures, nothing can happen to your company data even in an emergency. We would be happy to work out an individual backup concept with you.

Business Cloud Hosting by Keyweb:
one provider – diverse & individual solutions

We will be happy to advise you

Large projects require well-considered decisions. We will be happy to support you in selecting the optimal server for your project and provide you with comprehensive advice.

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Simply transfer to Keyweb

Switching from another provider to Keyweb should not be a hurdle for our customers. That's why we offer our new customers a free data migration service. This enables us to help you move your data and systems easily. Let us know if you are interested in a free data migration by clicking on the button in the order process.

Why cloud solutions are optimal for your business

The same data in every location

You and your employees can work on the project from any location and always have the latest version of all the data they need. Whether it's a home office or a business meeting abroad – your IT will certainly not stand in the way of flexible working models and efficient teamwork.

Your Business Cloud grows with you without problems

Whether Private Cloud or functional Nextcloud – your business cloud solution can be adapted quickly and easily at any time. Inconvenient extensions are a thing of the past. Investments in additional hardware are as well.

Always continue to work productively

In the event of particularly high number of accesses to a system, various security incidents or technical problems, downtimes can sometimes be harmful to business. Not with your Business Cloud! Thanks to professional security systems, optimal load distribution and professional backup solutions, your IT works permanently.

Your IT: always up-to-date & secure

Your updates are carried out centrally - and not individually at each workstation. All data is up to date and protected by up-to-date security measures. Since the hardware is no longer in your hands, it does not have to be maintained by you. The IT administrator thus has more time for other important things.

Proactive safety & risk management

If you host your IT in a professional data center environment and under appropriate general conditions, many problems can be prevented before they occur. If problems do happen, they can be solved very quickly with expert support.

Business Cloud solutions by Keyweb: Professional. Secure. Performant.

Individual, cost-efficient cloud structure

A Keyweb business cloud solution is particularly cost-efficient for you, thanks to its customisation to your needs. What's more, you save on regular licence fees with us – because we rely on high-quality open source software.

Professional technical support. Within minutes. Guaranteed.

At Keyweb, you have an experienced technical contact 24/7. If you have a technical concern about your cloud and need a solution quickly, you can reach our in-house support – always.

Focus on cyber security

Adherence to high security standards ensure that your IT and cloud systems are protected from cyber threats, so that only you and any authorised parties have access to your valuable data. In addition, all Keyweb customers receive Voxility DDoS protection at server level free of charge.

Data protection & security

An welchem Standort Ihre Cloud gehostet wird, hat großen Einfluss auf den Schutz und die Sicherheit Ihrer sensiblen Unternehmensdaten. Damit Sie darauf vertrauen können, dass diese sicher aufbewahrt sind, werden sie in unseren TÜV-zertifizierten Rechenzentren in Deutschland untergebracht. Die DSGVO wird bei allen Prozessen eingehalten. Where your cloud is hosted has a big impact on the protection and security of your sensitive company data. To ensure you can trust that it is kept safe, it is hosted in our TÜV-certified data centers in Germany. The GDPR is adhered to in all processes.

99 % availability of your Business Cloud

Thanks to our security measures as well as redundant data connections and uninterruptible power supply, we guarantee you 99% availability. This means: your systems, data and products are permanently available for your employees and customers. This in turn leads to more productivity and sales.

Green Hosting for your Business Cloud

The electricity for the operation of the Keyweb Business Clouds is based 100 percent on hydropower. With our sustainability concept KeyEco, we want to set a clearly visible sign for conscious action in the sense of our environment. Join in!

Private Business Cloud: Your custom-fit IT‑system on a cloud basis

Our IT specialists work with you to design a cloud environment that is individually tailored to your applications. You always have as many resources as you need without having to operate and maintain your own servers. Your IT thus becomes simpler and at the same time more secure and powerful.

Particularly suitable:

  • with very high requirements for data protection and data security
  • for very special wishes for your IT infrastructure and your cloud system
  • If you need dynamically adaptable structures
  • if you attach particular importance to cost stability

Private Business Cloud

  • based on open source software such as Proxmox, Linux and KeyHelp and saves you high licence costs
  • ideal load distribution with increased power demand
  • up to 3 x 15 TB NVMe SSD storage space
  • with Intel(R) Core(TM) & Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors
  • traffic included

from 769,- € / month1

from 646,22 € net for businessmen / month

Cloud Backup Storage – the professional backup solution for your company data

KeyDisc Pro is a reliable and secure backup storage with a user-friendly interface that you can access anytime, anywhere and via FTP, SFTP, Rsync or HTTP. It is perfect as a secure storage location for your sensitive corporate data.

The cloud storage is ideal for:

  • the backup of your company data on a central and everywhere available storage medium
  • the backup of your website or project data
  • configuration backups

Cloud Backup Storage

  • modern and user-friendly interface.
  • access via FTP, SFTP, Rsync, Windows File Sharing or HTTP
  • up to 10,000 GB storage capacity
  • no setup fee

from 7,- € / month1

Functional Nextcloud Hosting

KeyCloud is a user-friendly and secure cloud environment based on Nextcloud, which you can access anytime, from anywhere and with different devices. Manage your files or share them with other users or third parties. In addition to the already existing functions such as appointments, contacts and video calls, further functions can be added.

Ideally suited if you:

  • want to store and edit files centrally in the company
  • place emphasis on compliance with the GDPR and special data security
  • want to access documents quickly and easily for external appointments or in the home office
  • coordination of appointments in the team
  • and much more

Nextcloud Hosting

  • up to 5000 GB online storage
  • encrypted access via PC, Mac, smartphone, iPhone, tablet, browser or app
  • SSL encryption included
  • unlimited users

from 8,- € / month1

1The gross prices stated apply to consumers and include 19% VAT for Germany, other EU countries may differ. Charges are payable in advance for the respective billing period.