Server location Germany

Serverstandort Deutschland - dargestellt durch eine Drohnenaufnahme von Erfurt

Is your data „hosted in germany“?

Serverstandort Deutschland - dargestellt durch eine Drohnenaufnahme von Erfurt

Is your data „hosted in germany“?

Is your data „hosted in germany“?

Server location germany - for more control over your data

Have you ever thought about the country in which your data will be stored? The corporate headquarters and server location of the hosting provider decide which legal basis applies to your data and the conditions under which it is stored. If the company headquarters and the server location of the hosting provider are in Germany, you can be sure that your data will be handled in accordance with the GDPR.

What makes hosting in Germany so special at Keyweb?

You are in control of your data!

With Keyweb, all your data and software are not scattered anywhere in the world, but are stored centrally and securely on a server in one of our covert data centers in Germany (Erfurt, Berlin or Frankfurt) in accordance with the GDPR.

  • no data retention
  • no intrusion into your privacy
  • no disclosure of your personal data

With web hosting and servers at the company and server location Germany, we want to give you back that feeling of security.

Server location Germany

Server- and webhosting in Germany

Server location Germany

Rent a root server hosted in Germany

High-quality servers hosted in Germany, specially adapted to your needs, offer the right basis for the successful implementation of your web and corporate projects.

from 12.90 € / month 1

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Server location Germany

Optimal business entry with web hosting in Germany

Based on high-performance SSD hard drives, web hosting in Germany offers the optimal entry point for hosting websites, blogs and simple online shops

from 3.90 € / month 1

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Server location Germany-
Comprehensive data protection and maximum security for your data

Server location Germany

High data protection standard thanks to hosting in Germany

Data centers at the DSGVO server location in Germany are subject exclusively to German law (DSGVO, HGB and BGB). Compliance with the strictest data protection regulations promises absolute confidentiality and security of your stored data towards third parties.

You can find important information in our data protection declaration

Server location Germany

Data hosting in TÜV-certified data centers

In our TÜV-tested data centers in Germany, a comprehensive security concept protects your data from data theft, failure or damage caused by environmental influences.

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Server location Germany

Failsafe data centers

The server location Germany scores with reliable power grids as well as high network availability and thus offers an optimal basis for a fail-safe IT infrastructure.

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Server location Germany

Sustainable hosting in Germany

Our data centers are operated 100% with green electricity from hydropower. Among other things, sustainability is also reflected in the design of a wide variety of work processes and in the sense of responsibility within the company.

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Server location Germany

First class service around the clock

Our technicians constantly take care of the security of your hardware. For technical support or concerns about your hosting products, you can rely on reliable and personal support at any time, 365 days a year.

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Server hosted in Germany - frequently asked questions

We would be happy to answer frequently asked questions about data protection and the server location in Germany.

What is data retention about?

Since 2008 there has been a heated discussion in Germany about how to deal with this issue. Although legally decided by the European Court of Justice, Germany refused to save 6 months without exception and was sued by the EU Commission in 2010 for failure to implement the directive. With the 2014 ruling, there is no longer any legal obligation for data retention, but this is implemented differently within the EU. For example, in France and Spain, data is stored for at least one year. Germany is the only EU member that does not have data retention
operates more.

Does the server location in Germany have a positive influence on my Google ranking?

Indirectly, yes. A regional server location has a positive effect on the server response times and thus indirectly on the Google ranking through improved loading times of your website. Hosting in Germany is particularly ideal if you are based in the EU and mainly want to address European customers.

Does Keyweb store my data?

The principle of data minimization applies. Your personal data will only be saved for order processing and the establishment of a contract as well as for billing purposes and contacting you. The data collected will only be processed and used for the transmission of product information, the submission of service offers or for market research purposes insofar as this is necessary and your consent has been given. You can revoke your consent to the use of your data for these purposes at any time in writing.

Who has access to my data at Keyweb?

It goes without saying that your data will not be passed on to third parties in any way. User profiles are also not created. Your data are only used to process the business relationship or e.g. B. for evidence purposes in the case of IP numbers and login information.

Do you have any questions about the server location in Germany?

Then contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions personally!


Server location Germany

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Server location Germany

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