Technology partnerships & cooperationsTechnologie-
partnerschaften & Kooperationen

The interaction of important members and partnerships as well as cooperations serves as a source of new technologies and expertise for us and is a fundamental part of our daily work. For the optimal availability of your domains and servers, the best possible service and the training/development of our colleagues, we are members of various organisations and associations as well as partners of leading technology companies.

We are a member

With the introduction of our PEN test, we have been a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security since the beginning of 2020. As an initiative of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), it advocates the careful handling of cyber risks. Thanks to a strong network, as a member we have the opportunity to actively participate in the exchange of experiences in order to expand our cyber security expertise.

Eco Association

With more than 700 member companies, the "eco Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V." (Association of the German Internet Industry) is the largest association of the Internet industry in Europe. It sees its tasks in the representation of interests and the promotion of all companies that create economic value with or on the Internet. The association represents the companies in political discussions, promotes new technologies and infrastructures and shapes the framework conditions of the markets as a supporting partner of the market participants.

DENIC, as the central registry for all domains below the top-level domain .de, is responsible for the operation as well as the overall technical stability of the primary name server for the .de domain.

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre reports to the open IP network working group Réseaux IP Européens. Among other things, it is responsible for the allocation of IP address ranges and AS numbers and for the operation and further development of the Whois database in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

The European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURid) is a non-profit organisation responsible for the operational and technical management of the .eu top-level domain.

As a partner of, the central registry for domains ending in .at, and, we can offer you the listed domain endings at a particularly favourable price-performance ratio.

The Chambers of Industry and Commerce ("Industrie- und Handelskammern") are autonomous corporations under public law. As such, they represent the interests of their associated companies towards municipalities, state governments and regional state agencies. As part of their economic development mission, they also provide assistance to businesses and improve the locational conditions and economic strength of individual regions.

ITnet Thüringen is a network founded in 2016 that promotes networking, cooperation and growth in the Thuringian IT sector together with its members and partners. One of its goals is to help shape the state's economic policy in order to make Thuringia more competitive as an IT location. At the same time, ITnet acts as a competent contact for politics, administration and business for the successful design of digitalisation in Thuringia.

As a member of the Initiative Mittelstand, we are committed to promoting innovative ideas of medium-sized companies. As an interest group made up of scientists, IT experts and specialist editors, it provides far-reaching support to companies and informs them about the potential of new technologies. In addition, it awards the IT Innovation Prize annually at Twenty2X, formerly CeBIT, for the most innovative IT solutions suitable for medium-sized businesses.

The Marketing Club Erfurt is a professional association for marketing professionals and executives from a wide range of industries in central Thuringia and is part of the German Marketing Association. In the form of regular events, the latest marketing trends from theory and practice are presented to members and guests to create impulses for innovative action.

Cooperation in performance and technology


Keymedia is an audio and video production company for video marketing with a focus on consulting, conception, strategy as well as post-production of commercials, music videos, event or image films. The cooperation with Keymedia not only enables us to present our products and services in a more professional and approachable way, but also to provide our customers with corresponding services.

Keymachine® Servermanufaktur

We operate our hosting products exclusively on branded servers from the “Keymachine® Servermanufaktur“. A Keymachine® is built exclusively according to our requirements using tested, energy-efficient and high-performance hardware components. On the basis of a direct cooperation with Keymachine®, we have direct influence on our dedicated hosting servers – from equipment to production to maintenance – for guaranteed performance quality and maximum flexibility.


Intel® Corporation is the world's leading semiconductor company and stands for excellent technologies and innovative products. With the Intel® Core™ technology and the Intel® Xeon™ processors for two-way server systems based on it, Intel® becomes the superior benchmark for best processor performance and energy efficiency. For this reason, all server hosting offers from Keyweb are equipped with the Intel® microarchitecture.


Cisco Systems Inc. offers highly developed solutions for almost all areas of network operation and represents a fundamentally important part of our Internet connection, especially with its routers, switches and core technologies. The high quality standards as well as the reliable developments form the basis of our trust in Cicso and its products.


The company Plesk develops software and virtualisation solutions for servers and workstations. In addition to a virtualisation tool for Microsoft Windows and Linux, the Plesk web server configuration tool is particularly popular as user-friendly administration software.


Microsoft is known as a leading multinational software and hardware manufacturer. Microsoft's operating system is used worldwide for PCs and servers.


Linux is an operating system kernel that was developed in 1991. Since then, Linux has been used for a variety of operating systems. Linux distributions and Linux-based systems are also referred to as Linux. Linux is the direct and free alternative to Microsoft.


The openSUSE distribution is a free operating system used especially in Germany. Its developers pursue the goal of creating a stable and easy-to-use multi-purpose operating system for a large target user group.


Debian belongs to the group of open source programmes. This free operating system is based on the GNU projects under the General Public License and Linux. This makes it one of the oldest, most influential and most widespread GNU/Linux distributions.


CORE is a non-profit organisation that manages a large number of Internet domain names in a unified database, thereby allowing its members to access a technical registration system and a common Whois server structure.


Ubuntu ist eine der bekanntesten und meistgenutzten freien Linux-Distributionen. Das Betriebssystem gilt als besonders benutzerfreundlich, da es einfach zu installieren und leicht zu bedienen ist.


Ubuntu ist eine der bekanntesten und meistgenutzten freien Linux-Distributionen. Das Betriebssystem gilt als besonders benutzerfreundlich, da es einfach zu installieren und leicht zu bedienen ist.