Backup solutions for businesses

Secure your company & customer data for emergencies – with a backup optimised for your business

  • individual backup consulting
  • GDPR-compliant hosting
  • comprehensive data security measure
  • server-side DDoS protection
  • TÜV-certified redundant data center
  • location-separated backup possible
  • individual backup consulting
  • GDPR-compliant hosting
  • comprehensive data security measure
  • server-side DDoS protection
  • TÜV-certified redundant data center
  • location-separated backup possible

The risk of data loss affects every company –
be prepared

Do you have a successful company and a stable and well-organised IT infrastructure? Or perhaps you are in the process of setting all this up professionally. You should be aware of this:

Whether by cyber criminals or an internal emergency – all your valuable data and therefore the foundation of your company could be destroyed overnight. The consequences without a functional backup that is customised to your needs would be devastating.

Do you want to remain relaxed even in the event of IT emergencies? – Then you need a secure and optimised backup solution!

Any backup is not a solution either

Every company is unique – and so is the way in which company data needs to be backed up at regular intervals. What really counts is that the data is fully and quickly available again after a data loss so that business can continue almost without interruption.

Use an optimised backup to protect yourself from:

  • loss of revenue due to unavailability of the IT infrastructure
  • interruptions in business operations and thus risking customer satisfaction
  • negative Google ranking signals due to the inaccessibility of your online presence
  • long downtimes due to data recovery
  • temporary or complete closure of your company due to the irrecoverability of data
  • further consequences such as loss of reputation

No data security without a data backup

Backups are the most important security measure you can take to prevent a substantial or complete loss of data.

A well-functioning and optimised backup is used to:

completely restore lost or damaged data after a cyber attack, human error or other IT emergency

maintain business continuity even in the event of an incident and thus quickly restore data access and business operations

comply with legal requirements for data processing and protection

secure data before upgrades or migrations

Backup solutions for your secure IT

Stay relaxed – your data is secure with these solutions!

Not sure which backup solution meets your requirements? Then take advantage of our non-binding backup consultation.

Security is individual – data security is ultra-specific

Your stored data and the way in which it should be backed up are just as individual as your company.

It is not only important how often your data should be backed up, but also which data should be backed up in each case.

On the one hand, a distinction is made between different backup levels: Do you only want to regularly back up your domain data or emails, or do you want to back up the entire system with all relevant configurations? The backup software to be used is also determined accordingly.

Secondly, it should be clarified which backup methods will be used. Will all data always be backed up or only changed data?

Which backup strategy you should choose depends entirely on your individual requirements.

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Is your backup already optimised for your needs or at least planned accordingly?

We support you in finding and setting up the optimum backup solution for your company so that this issue is taken care of from now on..

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We make your backup easy! – And ensure that your company data is backed up.

We know that the topic of backup is a "necessary evil" for many companies - and at the same time it is extremely important. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you!

With Managed Backup, we have your back completely. We ensure that your backup is optimally set up and functional – you simply continue to take care of your business.

  • We work with you to select the right backup software and set it up for you.
  • After consulting with you, we set up your customised and desired backup intervals and the retention times for your data.
  • We implement your chosen backup strategy.
  • Your data can be restored once a month free of charge.
  • We check whether your backup has worked as planned. If this is not the case, we will initiate it again or let you know.

When is the Managed Backup Service suitable for you?

  • if it is too time-consuming for you to regularly check the success of your backup
  • if your backup has to run very frequently and at short intervals, as a lot of data on your systems has already been changed after a short time
  • if you are temporarily unable to take care of your backup, for example during holiday periods or staff shortages

Order the managed backup directly with your server or reorder it via ticket.

Important note:  The Managed Backup Service can only be booked if the data to be backed up is located on Keyweb servers. Otherwise the service cannot be realised for technical reasons.

Location-separated backup for special data security

The servers, which are located in our data centers in Germany, are subject to the strictest security regulations so that your data is fully protected against unauthorised access, fire and other dangers.

For extra backup security, we also offer you the option of creating your backup storage in a data center at least 40 km away from the server (where your original data is located).

With this strategy, it is virtually impossible for both your server and your backup to be affected by a security incident. You are always on the safe side!

A professional backup for your company in just a few days

This way you get a customised backup solution for your company:

  • 1
    Either select your desired backup solution directly via the website and specify the desired parameters during the ordering process


    simply contact us by email, telephone or contact form and let us know your ideas and wishes so that we can provide you with comprehensive advice.

  • 2
    In consultation with you, we will select a customised backup solution that is ideal for you.
  • 3

    You can sit back and relax. We will prepare your backup solution and you will receive your accesses from us within a few days

  • 4

    If you have selected the Managed Service, we will configure your backup solution so that your backups are performed at regular intervals as required.

    Otherwise, you can configure your backup yourself via the corresponding administration interface.

  • 5

    Your backup is working and you can take care of your project.

  • 6

    If you have any questions, requests or need support, you can reach a personal contact at Keyweb at any time.

24/7 guaranteed technical support for your backup

Your backup works. And that's how it should be!

If you need technical support from us, whether at 3 a.m. or 5 p.m. on public holidays, Keyweb Support will always help you reliably.

24/7/365 technical support

experienced and specialised experts directly from Keyweb in customer support

reliable, secure help via the Keyweb ticket system

unbeatable response times within a few minutes

particularly fast recovery times

comprehensible and data-secure
processing of your enquiry

Your IT backup with Keyweb: Even more advantages

Free for you: KeyHelp Pro server management software

As a Keyweb customer, you receive the KeyHelp Pro server tool free of charge for the smooth backup of your domain data and emails. This saves you the regular licence costs.

High security in the TÜV-certified & redundant data center

Keyweb AG's servers are operated in TÜV-certified and ISO 27001 and ISO 27002-compliant data centers in central Germany. The infrastructure located here fulfils the highest requirements for availability, security and protection of your backup storage or server.

Fail-safe thanks to special DDoS protection at network level

We have equipped our data centers with advanced DDoS protection from Voxility to ensure that your backup is also able to cope with the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks, so that attacks are detected and fended off before they reach the data centers.

Sustainable server hosting

From the ecological operation of our data centres and consciously sustainable processes in everyday office life to our social commitment both within the company and to society – we act sustainably. When you choose Keyweb, you are choosing sustainable hosting.

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Frequently asked questions about the backup solutions

Which backup software is used depends on the chosen backup strategy. If you want to back up your domain data and email data, you can use our KeyHelp Pro server software. Various other software solutions can be used for more extensive backups..

A RAID is not a backup.

A RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) and a backup are methods of data management and backup that serve very different purposes.

RAID is a live mirroring of data on a server. RAID is a technology that improves performance and redundancy. This increases the availability and performance of data as well as reliability. However, a RAID does not protect against data loss and cannot function as a backup.

A backup is a copy of data that is stored separately from the original data – for example on another hard drive, an external drive or in the cloud.

It is used exclusively for data backup and recovery and protects against data loss due to hardware failure, theft, user error, malware attacks, natural disasters and other causes. It enables data to be restored from a previous point in time.