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Dedicated Root Server

In a few days to a secure & fast Dedicated Server that is always available – just like our support!

  • full control through unrestricted root access
  • comprehensive security systems & GDPR-compliant data protection
  • popular Server Control Panel KeyHelp Pro included
  • high-quality brand hardware for optimal performance
  • full control through unrestricted root access
  • comprehensive security systems & GDPR-compliant data protection
  • popular Server Control Panel KeyHelp Pro included
  • high-quality brand hardware for optimal performance

Renting a Dedicated Server is not enough to create a solid and secure foundation for your IT processes. If you want your server to meet your security, data protection and performance requirements in the long term and run without restrictions, it is important that:

  • it is located in a professional and particularly safe environment
  • all components perfectly match each other and your needs
  • you have unrestricted access to the administrative level of the server at all times
  • you can rely on always reaching a competent contact person on site who will provide you with immediate support

With a Dedicated Server, you rent a complete physical and powerful root server. Unlike shared systems, you do not share the resources of your Dedicated Server with other hosting customers who have also rented a web space. Therefore, dedicated servers are also suitable for IT projects with very high security standards and performance requirements. With the included Managed Service, you can always rely on technical support for the maintenance and care of your server.

Rent a Dedicated Server: our hosting offers

Whether you want to create a homepage with special requirements, set up a comprehensive and high-performance online shop or plan extensive business projects and want to rent a powerful Dedicated Root Server for this purpose – we are happy to offer you the right hosting solution.

Among the optimally compiled tariffs, you are sure to find a solution for your needs. If you have very individual wishes, the Custom Made Server is the right choice for you.

Keyweb: Your hosting partner for years of satisfaction

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From the very beginning, we provide you with personal support during the implementation of your web or IT project. It is important for us to understand the needs of our customers exactly and to respond to them specifically.

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We talk to you in detail about your planned project and recommend a solution that has proven itself in our experience for corresponding projects. We are happy to address individual requests, regarding hardware and software, so that you are satisfied with your hosting from the very beginning.

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Your IT structure will be planned in such a way that it will meet all requirements in the long term and contribute to the success of your project.

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Both our security and monitoring systems, as well as our Managed Service and our fast support, make Keyweb Hosting a solution you can always rely on. Therefore, you can fully concentrate on your business.

„We were immediately impressed by the uncomplicated and solution-oriented communication with Keyweb. The fast response time to tickets and the uncomplicated cooperation are particularly noteworthy.“ - translated

Stefan Dietrich, Christophorus Dienstleistungen gGmbH
Friendly Keyweb employee

You would like to rent a Dedicated Server and need support with the selection?

We are always happy to address your individual questions and work with you to find a suitable hosting solution for your project.


+49 361/6 58 53-55
Monday to Friday
8 am to 5 pm


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Managed Service: professional technical support for your Dedicated Server

With the Managed Service, which is already included in all Dedicated Server tariffs, we take over technical work defined by you on request and support you in the maintenance and care of your Dedicated Server. You retain comprehensive control over your server due to your root rights.

All requests regarding software installations, configurations and monitoring requirements are carried out for you by qualified system administrators after clear consultation.

More about Managed Server Hosting

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Rent a Dedicated Server and rely on our committed 24/7 technical support

The Keyweb support is available around the clock to help you with technical concerns. Between 11 pm and 8 am, the emergency support responds to very urgent requests.

The ticket system ensures a secure and transparent handling of your technical request within minutes.

Learn more about our hosting support here

Your Dedicated Root Server in a secure environment

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Your data safely stored

Thanks to the comprehensive security concept, your data is protected at all times against data theft, failure or damage due to environmental influences such as severe weather or fire.

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No external access to your data

Not only the always GDPR-compliant handling of your data, but also the modern access security and camera monitoring of our data centers ensure that you and all authorized persons of your company are the only ones who have access to your data.

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99.9 % availability for your web or IT project

The data centers have a stable and therefore fail-safe infrastructure and a multi-redundant network connection. As a result, an annual average availability of over 99.9 % has been achieved for years.

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The special DDoS protection against cyber attacks

To ensure that your server can withstand the ever-increasing cyber attacks, we have equipped our data centers with advanced DDoS protection which goes beyond the standard performance of other hosting providers.

The servers in our data centers are protected with the particularly powerful and effective DDoS protection from Voxility, so that attacks are detected and prevented before they can reach the data centers.

More about the safety concept

Desk on which there is a law book on data protection law

Dedicated Server from Germany for GDPR-compliant data protection

Whether data protection and data security or website performance – the server location Germany holds many advantages, which American providers of cloud and server products cannot promise you to the same extent.

Especially if you use a server for customer and employee data, you have a special responsibility for the protection and security of this information.

With a server at Keyweb within Germany you ensure that

  • your customers, employees and you can rely on the law regarding the storage of data and that authorities, public institutions and others cannot access this data without further notice
  • your data will be handled at Keyweb according to the GDPR as well as to the BDSG (new)
  • comprehensive security conditions bare maintained when operating your server in our data centers
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Lower costs thanks to free server management with KeyHelp® Pro

This Server Control Panel is a free alternative to other server management tools. KeyHelp makes managing your server absolutely simple.

  • intuitive operation for a quick start
  • management of domains, email, users and databases
  • white-label function for your own branding
  • API for optimal integration into business processes

As a Keyweb customer you get all hosting products including the professional version KeyHelp Pro with additional features for higher requirements.

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Sustainability in hosting your Dedicated Server

We operate our data centers with eco-power and pay attention to the conscious use of resources in all processes. As a Keyweb customer, you therefore support sustainable hosting.

Learn more about our sustainable hosting concept

AMD Epyc processor

Branded hardware for optimal performance

Your Dedicated Server will be individually and professionally assembled by the Keymachine server manufactory. Our server construction experts use high-quality, efficient and powerful brand hardware, including Dell, Intel, Supermicro and AMD.The perfectly matched components including the corresponding server software, guarantee optimal performance – according to your individual requirements.

Learn more about our server manufactory

Rent Dedicated Root Server & benefit from the special performance

The Dedicated Server shows its strengths especially when you need a lot of resources for a web project, e.g. when there are numerous simultaneous accesses to the network or the shop.

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For your business IT

especially if this is comprehensive and must fulfill special safety criteria

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For larger websites and shop systems

especially if these are to run particularly stable even with large data volumes or high access numbers

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as server
for digitalisation projects

videogame controller

gaming server

rectangle with arrows

as web server
for extensive projects

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database server

Stay flexible with your Dedicated Server

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Average provisioning times for Dedicated Servers

Your Dedicated Server is usually made available to you within 1-3 business days. For servers with AMD technology, the provisioning time is 3-5 business days on average.

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Highly flexible contracts

Because we assume that you will stay with us even without a long contract commitment, we keep the contract periods flexible for you. The minimum contract period for servers is one month – with a cancellation period of only 14 days.

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Rent out servers and hosting products yourself as hosting reseller

As a hosting reseller with Keyweb, you market our servers under your own brand. Your customers benefit from all the advantages of the hosting services. You do not even need your own data center for this. Dedicated servers are an optimal basis for your own hosting business.

Frequently asked questions & answers about dedicated servers

A dedicated server is a physical server, that is made available to a server customer with all resources – i.e. complete RAM, computing power, etc. This server has a fixed IP address.

Unlike a virtual server there is no virtualization and therefore no distribution of the physical server's resources among different customers. Accordingly, the server customer can make full use of these elements.

Since dedicated servers are so-called root servers, you can configure or manage them yourself according to your requirements.

You'll benefit from maximum server performance, since you won't have to share the server's hardware with other users. Therefore, the performance of your web or IT project is completely independent from other hosting customers.

An individual design of the dedicated server according to your requirements is possible – you are completely independent here.

The hardware can be individually and flexibly adapted to your needs, as you are the only user of the dedicated server you have rented.

The firewall, DNS services, operating system and software can be freely selected and installed according to your needs or installed by Keyweb.

As part of the Managed Service, which is integrated in the offer, you will receive expert support in the setup and maintenance of your server.

You should always rent a Dedicated Server if, on the one hand, you have very large storage requirements or generally special performance requirements for the server – and it is also important that there are no other hosting customers on the server. This may be necessary, for example, due to special security regulations in your company.

You can choose from different Linux distributions when ordering. If you have very individual wishes, please feel free to contact us.

An installation of Windows is also possible. You can use your own license or purchase a license via Keyweb.

Learn more about the operating systems here

We are happy to support new customers in moving their data and systems from another hosting provider to us. Before we migrate data free of charge, we check the scope and extent to which we can migrate all systems. This requires a detailed list of all data and systems to be migrated in advance. After you have specified your migration request in the product configuration and we have received your order, we will contact you to discuss the necessary details for a data migration.

Alternatives to a dedicated server

1The gross prices stated apply to consumers and include 19% VAT for Germany, other EU countries may differ. Charges are payable in advance for the respective billing period.