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We know our way around servers and hosting like the back of our hand and have done so since 1997. Keyweb is an unlisted public limited company, which has been run by the owner since its foundation with a lot of heart and soul. Our location in the middle of Germany, in the heart of Thuringia – Our mature profile and our always security-oriented services are particularly appreciated by Keyweb's customers. We would like to invite you to get to know us and convince yourself of the quality of our services.

Frank Nowag, Executive Board

As founder of Keyweb AG, Frank Nowag combines many pioneering roles: He is a corporate composer. He is a perspective dancer. He is a cooperation pilot.

First and foremost, however, Frank Nowag is our strategic head and experienced navigator with an eye on the future, who has been manoeuvring Keyweb safely through the tides since 1997 with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm, thanks to his feeling for individual customer needs and necessary further development. Not infrequently, his talent as a troubleshooter and communication enthusiast came to the fore.

Frank Nowag has succeeded in establishing Keyweb as an insider tip and expert for root server hosting in Germany. Because he dared to navigate new routes with Keyweb and to swim against the current of the industry, Keyweb AG can in many ways claim a pioneering role in the web hosting industry throughout Germany.

Despite an online-based business field, Frank Nowag has always pushed and cultivated the connection to the people behind it as an elementary business component. From the very beginning, it has therefore been important to the Erfurt native to create a safe haven of traditional virtues and principles for both his employees and customers - despite technology and ever-advancing digitalisation.

With his visionary, not infrequently controversial approaches, he sets impulses and is not quick to let the wind be taken out of his sails. Instead, Frank Nowag readjusts the sails, throws off the sheets and steers the next course.

Holger Amberg, Technical Director

Which description does Holger Amberg justice best?

He is an IT virtuoso. An IT tamer. An IT whisperer. Or a combination of all of them? In any case, he is undisputedly our IT champion!

In 2002, Holger Amberg started to get a taste of Keyweb on a part-time basis before he switched completely to Keyweb in 2004. He got to know (and love) Keyweb still in the smallest initial structures and with the first big visions.

It is thanks to Holger Amberg that Keyweb was and is able to take on and solve all hosting-related IT challenges. Together with his team of inventors, system athletes and experts, he has created an enormously powerful IT infrastructure and accumulated a mountain of skills, knowledge and experience.

As a practically inclined autodidact, Holger Amberg manages to constantly develop the technology of Keyweb AG according to the variety of customer projects and requirements of the Internet industry. According to the motto "Creative customers bring creative projects, so you have to react with creativity in the technology as well", he adeptly imparts a problem-solving attitude and way of working to the Keyweb technicians at all times.

Because "it can't be done" simply doesn't exist! - He is far too ambitious for that. For him, standing still would be the same as boredom, and he doesn't want that - except maybe when he's travelling to new worlds in his camper van.


Refocusing of the Keyweb website

The more targeted and solution-oriented redesign of the website enables users to easily understand the entire product and service portfolio of the Keyweb AG.


Concentrated expansion of DDoS protection

The DDoS protection service is being introduced for a large part of customer systems..


Cooperation with Thuringia's leading energy service company

Keyweb secures important energy sector through minority stake in TEAG Thüringer Energie AG and complements TEAG's offering with professional managed cloud infrastructures for businesses.


Expansion of the holistic safety concept

IT security is being systematically expanded at all levels of the company as well as in the range of services offered by Keyweb.


Expansion of the data center structure

In order to serve increasing customer project services, Keyweb is again expanding its IT infrastructure.


Certification in sustainability

Keyweb intensifies its sustainable corporate orientation and receives certification from the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics.


Intensive IT association involvement

Keyweb actively shapes the IT work and further development in Thuringia through committed participation in various associations.


Free server admin tool KeyHelp®

KeyHelp, the server management software popular with Keyweb customers, is launched and made freely available to everyone on


Promoting alternative software systems

Increased focus and use of alternative software systems for data protection and security.


Homepage and CI relaunch

The Keyweb brand and homepage were given a new look.


Founding of Keymachine Server Manufaktur GmbH

The company's own server construction is outsourced to the Keymachine Server Manufactory.


Keyweb Country Representatives

In several countries, Keyweb Hosting is operated by reseller partners.


Managed option

For the first time, maintenance and care is included as KeyManaged for dedicated servers.


Traffic flatrate

Pioneer: Introduction of free data transfer volume also for simple hosting tariffs.


100 % eco-power

Transition from 60 % green electricity to 100 %.


2. Keyweb data center

Design and construction of another data center in Erfurt.


Launch of monthly contract terms

Removal of long-term contracts also for pure hosting tariffs. Contractual commitments are favoured with discounting.



Focus on dedicated Linux servers for greater differentiation from the competition.


1. Keyweb data center

Planning and construction of our own TÜV-certified data center in Erfurt.


Data center rental in Erfurt

Decision for server location in the middle of Germany.


Change of name

Keyweb AG emerges from the sole proprietorship.


The Keyweb brand

Keyweb has been a registered trademark in Germany since 29.10.2001.


Start Dedicated Server building

Start of own server production of Keymachine® brand servers for more flexibility and quality assurance.


Server location Germany

Turning away from the US server hosting provider by renting its own space in a data center in Frankfurt.


Free web hosting tariff

The company's growth begins with the offer campaign of a free web hosting tariff on "".



Keyweb is founded by Frank Nowag, at that time still under the name Keyma GmbH.
The first homepage goes online.

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