KeyHelp® 14.6.1 – Service Update and Ubuntu 16.04 Support

by Alexander Mahr

Today we published the latest version of KeyHelp. In addition to numerous bug fixes and enhancements, KeyHelp now supports the operating system Ubuntu 16.04 with this iteration.

Please note, that Ubuntu 16.04 itself is still in beta. Changes may ensue until the final release date at the end of April. The use on a productive system is therefore not advisable, but we appreciate your feedback, should you use it on a server.

Once the final version of Ubuntu 16.04 is available, as usual we provide an appropriate upgrade script for systems with Ubuntu 14.04.

Many thanks to our dedicated KeyHelp community KeyHelp for working with us, referring to errors and submitting enhancement suggestions. Thus, in this version also numerous bugs have been closed and improvements have been implemented.

An overview of all changes can be found here: