KeyHelp® 17.2 / 17.2.1 – New Features

by Alexander Mahr

The latest version of KeyHelp is available and contains many additions and improvements.

  • User accounts can now be completely suspended, including their domains and access to email, SSH, FTP as well as KeyHelp accounts.
  • You can specify the time for deletion / suspension of accounts in advance.
  • The DNS editor is now also available for user accounts.
  • Administrators can now add their own Apache directives to the user's vhost configuration.

The complete changelog can be found at

If you have enabled automatic panel updates, the latest version of KeyHelp should already be active on your server.

Let's Encrypt issues after 17.2

You may have encountered problems with obtaining Let's Encrypt certificates in the past week. The Let's Encrypt Certification Authority implemented a modification of its terms of service, which in some cases prevented KeyHelp from obtaining new certificates.

The reason for this was - together with all other known issues of the 17.2 version - fixed with the KeyHelp version 17.2.1, released yesterday.

If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us via for example.

New documentation system

Furthermore we are pleased to present our new documentation system for KeyHelp. The system offers a modern design and improved usability. For us, it represents a reduction of the maintenance effort and helps us to be able to include future KeyHelp updates in the documentation as soon as possible. This system will replace the existing PDF documentation.

Currently you will be able to find the user area documentation in German and English. The administration area as well as topics that have not yet been covered in the PDF manual, such as a description of the installation process and help for errors that may occur, will follow.

You can access the documentation at