Even more reasons to use KeyHelp®: new features of the admin tool

With the release of the new main version 22.1, KeyHelp has gained several new features again. These bring advantages in using the server tool. In addition, a specific usage-related security risk has been eliminated since the release of the last major version.

The command line utility gives users quick access to practical commands. For example, you can use it to generate URLs that allow you to log into user accounts without having to enter the complete login data. With the help of another command, you can easily and quickly start maintenance intervals.

With the new version, administrators are able to determine the so-called multiple processing module (MPM) via the KeyHelp interface and thus influence the performance and resource utilisation of the server. The preset module mpm_event ensures optimal resource utilisation and optimises the page loading speed of all websites on the server.

Thanks to a new menu item in the backup settings, KeyHelp users can now successfully fix error-related problems in the backup process without using the console. Furthermore, information about changes in the capacities of the backup repository is provided after each backup run.

Adjustments have been made to the e-mail system to improve the clarity for the user and also to support the functionality of the spam filter training. Furthermore, there are new, update-safe options for adapting the webmailer software to the corporate design or another desired design.

The use of directive "FollowSymLinks" is a security risk especially on shared hosting systems. Therefore, the use of this directive has been prohibited by default since the update to 22.0.1.

Detailed information on the current updates can be found at or in the changelog at

Here you can gain an insight into the tool with the help of the demo version. You can find the installation instructions at

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