Nextcloud Hosting

Your own user-friendly cloud –
access from anywhere
and share anytime

  • secure access via SSL encryption
  • any number of users
  • simple and intuitive to use
  • synchronise data with PC, smartphone and tablet
  • secure hosting made in Germany

With KeyCloud, we offer you professional and secure Nextcloud hosting in Germany. Easily access your data from anywhere in the world and synchronise it anytime between mobile, tablet, or desktop computers via an encrypted connection. Photos, files, contacts, appointments, music, videos and much more can be easily shared with your own users or third parties.

    • Top-Features KeyCloud 100
    • Online Storage Capacity 100 GB
    • Security SSL encryption inclusive
    • User unlimited
    • Simultaneous participants up to 10*
    • Access via internet browser via https
    • Price 5.90 € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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    • Top-Features KeyCloud 300
    • Online Storage Capacity 300 GB
    • Security SSL encryption inclusive
    • User unlimited
    • Simultaneous participants up to 20*
    • Access via internet browser via https
    • Price 9.90 € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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    • Top-Features KeyCloud 500
    • Online Storage Capacity 500 GB
    • Security SSL encryption inclusive
    • User unlimited
    • Simultaneous participants up to 30*
    • Access via internet browser via https
    • Price 16.90 € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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    • Top-Features KeyCloud 1000
    • Online Storage Capacity 1000 GB
    • Security SSL encryption inclusive
    • User unlimited
    • Simultaneous participants up to 40*
    • Access via internet browser via https
    • Price 29.90 € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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    • Top-Features KeyCloud 2500
    • Online Storage Capacity 2500 GB
    • Security SSL encryption inclusive
    • User unlimited
    • Simultaneous participants up to 50*
    • Access via internet browser via https
    • Price 59.- € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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All product- & tariffdetails
KeyCloud 100KeyCloud 300KeyCloud 500KeyCloud 1000KeyCloud 2500
Functions pre-installed
Secured storage capacity 100 GB300 GB500 GB1000 GB2500 GB
File manager very clear web interface, intuitive operation
Data transfer Drag & drop or file browser via web interface
Data exchange share files or folders: within the cloud with other users or externally through individual links,
optionally with different read and write permissons, password assignment and expiration date
User any number of users can be set up
Simultaneous participants up to 10*up to 20*up to 30*up to 40*up to 50*
Calendar and contacts
Tasks and notes
Picture gallery
Video calling
Audio- video player
Access & data transfer
Access via internet browser via https
dFlat-Datentransfer inklusive
Expansion options
Online Office Package Create and edit text documents, tables and presentations online.
Email mailbox receive, send, edit and synchronize emails
App-Store In the App Store there are many additional apps available, which can be installed in your KeyCloud.
additional online storage capacity expandable up to 5000 GB storage space
Backup options
External backup optional You can also back up your data on the KeyDisc, for example.
Security / guarantee
SSL encryption inclusive
Hosting in Germany
Network availability 99 %
Keymachine® brand hardware
TÜV verified Keyweb datacenter
Service & support
24/7 - ticket system
24/7 - telephone availability
Email service
Contractual modalities
Minimum Contract period 1 month
Cancellation period 14 days to the end of the contract
Methods of paymant SEPA Direct Debit, Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal
Invoicing period monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annually, two-yearly
KeyDiscount up to 20 % discount on your KeyCloud
One time setup fee deleted
Price / month1 5.90 €9.90 €16.90 €29.90 €59.- €

Based on the open source Nextcloud software, KeyCloud is the best alternative to well-known cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
It offers one significant advantage: your data is not scattered all over the world, but stored centrally and securely on a server in one of our Keyweb data centres, where it is protected by German data protection law.

The advantages of KeyCloud at a glance

KeyCloud-Managed Nextcloud Hosting

Managed Nextcloud hosting

  • large range of storage volumes
  • latest Nextcloud version pre-installed
  • server optimised for the use of Nextcloud
  • management of any number of users

Bedienbarkeit & Zugriff

Usability & access

  • operable without prior knowledge
  • online storage available from anywhere
  • your own administration access
  • smartphone (iOS, Android) and desktop app


Range of features

  • synchronise content between common devices and share with different users
  • calendars, appointments, and tasks
  • address book
  • photo gallery
  • video calling
  • activities, news, and much more

KeyCloud-Beste Rahmenbedingungen

Best conditions

  • secure online file storage for individuals, SMEs and organisations
  • reliable service and support: friendly, fast and competent
  • short contract term
  • no need for hardware and network connection

Individuelle Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten

Individual expansion options

  • can be expanded with further apps/features
  • online office package also available via app store
  • backup function

Sicherheit & Kontrolle

Security & Control

  • full extent of German data protection
  • server located in Germany
  • Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) certified Keyweb data centre
  • includes SSL certificate for secure data transmission

More information about Nextcloud Hosting by Keyweb
Store, synchronise and share data

Your files are always and everywhere accessible

No more data loss! KeyCloud is secure cloud storage for all your files, documents, photos, videos, notes, tasks and more. This cloud solution allows you to store data centrally in your own online storage space on a server in the Keyweb data centre and to access it on any device from any location in the world.

Easily access and manage no matter where you are

You can conveniently access your own cloud from your desktop PC or Mac or on-the-go from your laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

KeyCloud is simple to use: Save your data on your PC and retrieve it conveniently via a browser-based web interface on familiar operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. The intuitive web interface allows you to easily access your documents and offers easy administration. Your data can be easily uploaded or downloaded and shared with others. Thanks to the cloud interface's structured design, you always have an overview of your files, shared folders, approvals and comments.

Be flexible!

You forgot your laptop, on which important presentation documents were saved? No problem, you still have your presentation, photos and videos securely with you! Simply log in with a device of your choice and you can retrieve your documents. Mobile and desktop apps make it possible to access the files without a browser. After installation, the app is integrated as a local drive that is always in sync with the online storage. This makes it possible to display files anytime, regardless of which device you are using, and to share them with external users. Files can also be viewed offline.

Share and synchronise data

The Nextcloud programs for smartphones, tablets (iOS and Android) and desktop computers ensure a secure connection between your devices and your Keyweb host. Nextcloud allows you to exchange and share your photos, videos, contacts, appointments and music via encrypted SSL.

The mobile application for your smartphone also allows the automatic uploading of photos and videos to your KeyCloud as well as the synchronisation of selected directories and files. Furthermore, you can use multiple clouds and administer them accordingly. Since your files are synchronised with all your devices, they are also available when you are offline. Allowing you to work no matter where you are.

Your options at a glance (depending on application)

  • Rename, delete, and move files
  • Offline access to synchronised files
  • Preview documents, photos and videos
  • Mark files as favourites for faster retrieval
  • Automatic upload of new photos and videos
  • Share files and photo gallery with internal and external users via links with rights management (e.g. password protection, setting of deletion time for sharing links, editing rights, read access)
  • Allow anonymous file upload
  • View the history of each file
  • Sync client for macOS, Linux and Windows
  • Mobile sync client for iOS and Android
  • Integrated encryption application for secure data storage with external storage providers
  • Tag and comment files, read comments of other users
  • Recovery of previous and modified versions of a file and deleted files from the recycle bin
  • Your own administrator access for optimised management and control of the cloud
Range of features

In addition to use as an online storage space for all kinds of documents, the Nextcloud-based KeyCloud also offers numerous features that help you and entire groups to stay organised, accelerate workflows and manage processes, both in working and professional life.

Calendar and address book - always up to date

Many useful features such as the calendar and contact features have already been created for you in your cloud. You can click on your calendar or your address book via the easy-to-use web interface. From there, you can enter appointments, set up private and public calendars and create contacts with rights management. Both your calendar and individual appointments and contacts can be shared with individual users or groups and synchronised with many other applications (e.g. Thunderbird) on your smartphone or desktop using CalDAV and CardDAV.

Tasks and notes? - check!

Did an important idea come to you that shouldn't be forgotten? Take notes wherever you are on a web-enabled device of your choice. Do you have a task that absolutely needs to be finished this week? Stay on top of tasks with the tasks function and assign tasks to team members, for example. The central user interface keeps you in the loop and monitors progress. View activity in your own cloud (activity feed) and stay up-to-date up with real-time notifications.

Picture and video gallery

Get your favourite holiday photos, favourite video of the moment or an important customer presentation always on demand. The picture gallery offers the perfect frame: you can organise your photos in folders, select favourites and easily share them with third parties.

Video calling - facilitate collaboration

The Spreed.ME audio and video phone app is already installed in KeyCloud, allowing you to hold your own video and audio conferences. This means no more lengthy journey to appointments, meetings become more efficient and entire work processes are more productive; all thanks to the cloud. It is much easier for disparate users to work together and teamwork is supported. You can hold meetings using desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets from anywhere on the internet, or even just the intranet.

News - keep informed

Stay up-to-date about what's happening in the world around you and, most importantly, what interests you! With the news function, you can get all the latest news from your favourite information and news portals, e.g. from Heise online, Bild, Stern etc.

Expansion possibilities - individual and tailored to your needs

In addition to the already-provided features, you can always access many other features and apps via the integrated app store and add them to your own cloud. You can install apps such as social media integration, anti-virus apps in addition to many more and expand your cloud according to your individual needs.

So you can create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations within KeyCloud and work on them alone or together with other users, there is Collabora document processing, which you can also purchase from the App Store. The LibreOffice-based online office program supports all known document, presentation, and spreadsheet file formats, such as .doc, .ppt, .xlsx, .odf. With Collabora, all documents can also be exported as a PDF or Word document. If you decide to install Collabora, please note that this online office package is independent third-party software with its own terms of use.

We also offer you an email mailbox expansion for your KeyCloud. If you would like to use the email function, a domain hosted by Keyweb is required. For this you can use a domain that you have already registered or order a new domain via our domain page.

Optimised conditions

Professional webhosting for Nextcloud

We create the best prerequisites for hosting your own and user-friendly cloud: KeyCloud is designed and optimised for excellent Nextcloud performance. You don't have to worry about anything else. Upload your documents, music, photos and videos using encryption to your secure online store. Your files are always protected in KeyCloud.

The managed Nextcloud hosting from Keyweb includes secure data transfer in addition to a large range of storage sizes from 100 GB to 2500 GB. Data transfer volumes and extensive technical and infrastructural conditions at a favourable price.

You determine how much space you need

Choose your KeyCloud according to your storage needs. You can choose between 100 GB, 300 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB and 2500 GB of secure storage. If you would like an even larger storage volume, you can get your Cloud with a storage capacity of 5000 GB on request.

Order your Cloud and get started

After you order your cloud and our service team has confirmed your details, your KeyCloud will be set up for you. Along with your access data, you receive your KeyCloud preinstalled with the latest version of Nextcloud as well as the most important features (calendar and address book, tasks and notes, picture gallery, audio and video phone, etc.). You can get started immediately and use your cloud without restriction. You have administrator access, can manage your cloud according to your needs, create as many additional users as you need and have all features and extensions at your disposal.

Always secure and available

We ensure the smooth operation of your systems so you can access your KeyCloud 24 hours a day and avoid having to deal with any background technology. All servers and hosting products, and thus your data, are operated exclusively in our data centres in Germany. A multi-redundant internet backbone network, state-of-the-art server brand hardware and comprehensive security concept ensure the reliable accessibility and stability of your cloud.

To protect your KeyCloud and to avoid incorrect updates, Nextcloud updates are not automatically installed. However, updates can be run manually at any time. To protect your data, we recommend using an external backup storage, such as the KeyDisc cloud storage solution. With KeyDisc, we carry out daily full backups of your Nextcloud instance, which are stored on the provided storage.

Feel at home with us

We don't want to tie you down with long contract terms, we rather think that our always friendly service, expert technical support and permanently first-class products will convince you to stay with us. This is why we do without long contract terms and cancellation periods. Choose our Nextcloud hosting tariffs with contract terms of 1, 6, 12 or 24 months. Regardless of the chosen KeyCloud tariff, if you opt for a contract term and prepayment of 6 months or more you receive our KeyRabatt of up to 20% savings!


You have control over your cloud!

Only you have control over your cloud. Files can only be shared and access rights only granted to others with your permission. With your admin access, you have a complete overview, can administer processes and, at your discretion, can create other users, whose individual access right you can grant or revoke. Convenient file sharing control ensures that your files stay private until you decide to share them. In addition, you control and monitor what other users are allowed to download, view, comment or edit. This prevents you from creating different file versions that can only be merged with difficulty. You can also easily set application passcodes and expiration dates for shared files. For secure use of your cloud how you want it.

A secure home for your data.

In addition to the amount of storage space and functionality, data security is above all decisive when choosing the right online storage. Your data is safe with Keyweb. All of Keyweb's hosting products and services are hosted in Keyweb's own data centres in the heart of Germany. "Security made in Germany" means that all data is handled according to Germany’s strict data protection law. This means no spying on or interfering with your privacy, which may not be guaranteed in other countries.

The data centre's TÜV-certified, fail-safe infrastructure guarantees the secure accessibility of your KeyCloud anywhere and anytime. A holistic security concept protects data centres against data theft, failure or disturbance due to environmental influences. The high-performance multi-redundant backbone network ensures 80 Gbit for reliable availability. Optimal latency and performance of all systems are guaranteed together with a flat network hierarchy.

Your data is securely transmitted over the Internet.

The encrypted transmission of your data from your devices to your Keycloud is of course a very important factor for the security of your data. Secure transmission of your data is ensured by providing all KeyCloud hosting products with a free SSL certificate (https://). Furthermore, Nextcloud offers additional possibilities to store files in encrypted form on your own Cloud and to only allow access to these encrypted files from different devices with a stored encryption key.

Why should I choose KeyCloud from Keyweb?

Keyweb's online storage is a great value and above all secure alternative to well-known online cloud solutions. Based on Nextcloud, KeyCloud uses all the advantages and functions of open source software. You don't have to worry about anything: there is no need for any configuration or setup. It just works. The decisive factor here is that your Cloud, and thus your data, is safely stored in our TÜV-certified data centre in Germany. This means that your data is subject to strict German data protection law. You can be sure that your data is protected against misuse. With KeyCloud online storage from Keyweb, you can enjoy central, future-oriented internet data protection with peace of mind and confidence.

Who is KeyCloud suitable for?

KeyCloud is designed for those who want to have their files available anytime for private or business use, regardless of location, device, etc.

Exchange with family and friends

Do you want to quickly and easily send your guests your wedding video, or send friends photos from last night's party? Do you need to print an important personal document at short notice? Keyweb's KeyCloud online storage allows you to easily retrieve and share photos, videos, and large files. Furthermore, KeyCloud provides a common platform for you, your family and friends to exchange and upload important files, such as pictures, to a folder you have defined. You can also stay organised with calendar and tasks. Store important personal documents simply online, be it copies of forms, birth certificate, driving license, ID card, passport, insurance policies, contracts and bank data. This way, you can access them anytime.

Manage important company data professionally and securely

As an entrepreneur, is it essential for you to store sensitive data securely and to share it with employees or customers at the same time? KeyCloud provides the perfect foundation for you to work effortlessly with others. Organise company data centrally and manage content together. KeyCloud supports disparate teams with their work so they can carry out tasks productively. You can generate and save passwords with password protection to securely exchange files. You can also create your own user accounts for project or business partners and grant access rights to shared folders. KeyCloud ensures the transfer and exchange of large data volumes with colleagues, partners and customers.

Thüringen-Karte mit Flagge DeutschlandsHosted in Germany

in accordance with German Data Protection. All servers are located in our own, TÜV-certified Keyweb AG data centres, right in the heart of Germany – giving you guaranteed data protection. »

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