Secure Online Seminar Hosting

Teacher with headset on flipshart during an online seminar

Online seminar hosting
– for business meetings and distance learning

  • hosting for open source learning platform Moodle™ and video conference tool Big Blue Button*
  • GDPR-compliant hosting in the Keyweb data center in Germany
  • ideal for secure digital distance learning and online meetings
  • direct 24/7 Service & Support from Keyweb
Teacher with headset on flipshart during an online seminar

Online seminar hosting –
for business meetings and distance learning

  • hosting for open source learning platform Moodle™ and video conference tool Big Blue Button*
  • GDPR-compliant hosting in the Keyweb data center in Germany
  • ideal for secure digital distance learning and online meetings
  • direct 24/7 Service & Support from Keyweb
Teacher with headset on flipshart during an online seminar

Online seminar hosting –
for business meetings and distance learning

ab 99.- € / month 1
To the BBB hosting* tariffs
  • Hosting für die Open Source Lernplattform Moodle™ und das Videokonferenz-Tool Big Blue Button*
  • DSGVO-konformes Hosting im Keyweb-Rechenzentrum in Deutschland
  • ideal für sicheren digitalen Fernunterricht und Online Meetings
  • 24/7 Service & Support direkt von Keyweb

With the online seminar hosting we offer you a secure and GDPR-compliant server environment for online meetings and distance learning.

The online seminar tool BigBlueButton* is ideal for organizing video conferences at companies and schools, while the online learning platform Moodle or combine both, with Online Seminar Hosting we will find the right solution together to efficiently maintain internal interactions from anywhere.

Online Seminar Hosting for the Software Big Blue Button*

Online Seminar Hosting

We will be happy to answer
your individual questions.

Minimum contract term only 1 month

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Online Seminar Hosting

Online seminar hosting with BigBlueButton*

The online seminar hosting packages including BBB are equipped with the functional and browser-based open source application BigBlueButton*. With functions such as a digital whiteboard, chat and video chat, screen sharing or the sharing of documents and notes, BBB offers numerous options to make knowledge transfer in the online seminar interactive, efficient and easy.

to the BBB hosting packages

Online Seminar Hosting

Build an online learning platform with Moodle

Thanks to Moodle™, a digital learning platform can be set up in a few minutes to ensure that the curriculum continues to run smoothly. With extensive functions such as course management, file exchange, e-mail communication and the simple integration of the video conference tool BigBlueButton*, Moodle™creates a safe learning environment for collaborative and location-independent learning.

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Online seminar hosting is ideal for

Online Seminar Hosting Graduate Cap

Distance learning and e-learning in schools and universities

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Video conferences and meetings of your company

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Online courses and training events

E-learning software for online seminars - BBB Hosting*

    • Top-Features S
    • Simultaneous connections Up to 50
    • Recommendations Ideal for the self-employed, small businesses or agencies

    • Recording memory 1TB RAID1

    • Frontend Greenlight
    • User and Rooms unlimited
    • Price 99.- € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 99.- €1
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    • Top-Features M
    • Simultaneous connections Up to 150
    • Recommendations Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or private schools

    • Recording memory 1TB RAID1

    • Frontend Greenlight
    • User and Rooms unlimited
    • Price 119.- € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 119.- €1
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    • Top-Features L
    • Simultaneous connections Up to 350
    • Recommendations Ideal for large companies, educational institutions or schools

    • Recording memory 2TB RAID1

    • Frontend Greenlight
    • User and Rooms unlimited
    • Price 269.- € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 269.- €1
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    • Top-Features XL
    • Simultaneous connections Up to 500
    • Recommendations Ideal for universities, academies and schools to teach many classes & courses online at the same time
    • Recording memory 4TB RAID1

    • Frontend Greenlight
    • User and Rooms unlimited
    • Price 379.- € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 379.- €1
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    • Top-Features XXL
    • Simultaneous connections > 500
    • Recommendations Flexible solution for special requirements and individual storage

    • Recording memory calculated individually
    • Frontend Greenlight
    • User and Rooms unlimited
    • Price
      On request
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All product- & tariffdetails
Functional scope pre-installed
Committed storage space 1TB RAID11TB RAID12TB RAID14TB RAID1on demand
Greenlight very clear web interface, intuitive operation
Data transfer via drag & drop or file browser via web interface
User unlimited
Video & audio telephony
Chat function
Digital survey function
Slide presentation
Manage breakout rooms
White label ability
Access / data transfer
TURN Server
Domain Own or e.g.
Access via Internetbrowser per https
Traffic Included
Restrictions Max. 100 users per room
easy integration of existing software
NextCloud Talk
Security / guarantee
SSL encryption included
TÜV-certified Keyweb data center
Hosting in Germany
Network availability 99.00 %
Dedicated Keymachine® Server
Service & support
24/7 – ticket system
24/7 – telephone availability
Email service & personal advice
Live chat
Managed Support Services Managed Service included, Managed Pro Service optionally available
Contract modalities
Minimum contract term 1 month
Notice period 14 days to the end of the contract
Payment method Direct debit, credit card, bank transfer, PayPall
Billing period monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, 24 months
Price / month 99.- €119.- €269.- €379.- €On demand
Setup fee 99.- €119.- €269.- €379.- €On demand

Online seminar hosting for the tool Moodle™ and BBB –
GDPR-compliant, simple & with extensive functions

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secure Hosting for BBB

  • in our own Keyweb data center
  • GDPR compliant hosting in Germany
  • all interactions run via Keymachine Server

More about hosted in germany

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stable audio and video conferences with hosting for the tool BBB

  • with top audio & video quality
  • fail-safe and stable IT infrastructure

Online Seminar Hosting Symbol circle and arrows

easy integration and application

  • no software installation thanks to web-based software
  • compatible with a smartphone or tablet
  • BBB can be easily integrated into Moodle™ but also into Drupal, NextCloud Talk or Wordpress

Online Seminar Hosting symbol Man in front of a blackboard

interactive communication with BBB*

  • whiteboard & presentations
  • flexible chat use as a class, group or private
  • breakout rooms for group work
  • upload of Office documents, PDFs, images possible

Which tariff is the right one for your online seminar hosting?

It does not matter whether you hold brief meetings in the company or want to teach several school classes at the same time.
Our tariffs should be as individual as your needs.

Are you not sure which tariff is right for you or how you can efficiently cover your needs?
Together we will find out so that you can master your services digitally just as well as analog.
If required, a combination of the Moodle™ learning platform and the BigBlueButton online seminar tool is also possible.


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+49 (0) 361 6 58 53 55
Monday to Friday:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Frequently asked questions

Further questions about BBB can be found here

When should I choose BigBlueButton and when should I choose Moodle™?

If you want to set up a digital learning environment in which you can create and manage teaching classes or courses for online exchange, Moodle is ideal. Since Moodle does not have its own video conference function, BigBlueButton can be easily integrated as a plugin. You are already able to teach or hold seminars online using video conferencing.

If you are only looking for a stable basis for interactive communication and the implementation of online seminars and meetings using video conferences, then BigBlueButton is the right solution as an online seminar tool.

What functions does the open source software Moodle™ offer?
  • Learning centered tool for teaching and learning
  • easy to manage virtual classrooms
  • Uploading digital books
  • Calendar function and appointment agement
  • Learning with index cards and wiki functions
  • Discussion area, polls, tests
  • Email and chat function
  • File sharing
  •  Integration with BBB for video conferencing
What features does BigBlueButton* Hosting have?

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Public and private chat
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Upload presentations
  • Screen sharing for users
  • Working rooms for group work
  • Survey function
  • Recording of out-of-office meetings
How many participants can attend a web conference at the same time?

Up to 100 users can participate in a conference. It does not matter whether you hold a conference with 100 and one with 50 participants or three conferences with 50 participants each at the same time in the M tariff. Your simultaneous connections can be freely divided for all tariffs.

How many conferences can I start?

You can start as many conferences as your chosen tariff allows. At least two users must participate in a session.

What do I need to join a session?

All PCs, smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks that can run the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Chrome-based browsers are compatible.. The bandwidth should be at least 1 Mbit in the download and 0.5 Mbit in the upload.

Can I use BBB and all functions on my smartphone?

Yes. Your smartphone must be equipped with at least Android 6.0 or iOS 12.2. All functions except for sharing the screen are also available on the smartphone.

Hosting support for your BBB online seminars

Online Seminar Hosting support symbol - headset and tools

The professional Keyweb support
is at your disposal around the clock
for all technical questions about hosting to disposal.

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Online Seminar Hosting

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Hosted in Germany

Your servers are located in Keyweb's own TÜV-certified data centres in the centre of Germany and are subject to German data protection and the EU-DSGVO.

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BigBlueButton and theBigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.

1 These prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different. Fees are payable in advance for the respective invoicing period.