Sofortbilder mit Klammern an einer Leine befestigt mit neuen Domainendungen beschriftet

Choose from a variety
of new domain extensions

  • creative domains thanks to new TLDs
  • stand out from competitors with even more individual domains
  • use advantages for search engine optimisation
Sofortbilder mit Klammern an einer Leine befestigt mit neuen Domainendungen beschriftet

Choose from a variety
of new domain extensions

  • creative domains thanks to new TLDs
  • stand out from competitors with even more individual domains
  • use advantages for search engine optimisation
Sofortbilder mit Klammern an einer Leine befestigt mit neuen Domainendungen beschriftet

Choose from a variety
of new domain

  • creative domains thanks to new TLDs
  • stand out from competitors with even more individual domains
  • use advantages for search engine optimisation

Continuously new domain endings such as .shop, .berlin, .hotel or .music, are launched and become available for registration by the internet administrator ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). The numerous advantages and opportunities of these new domain names resulted in an enormous demand.

First come first served, so get on board early. Don’t miss this unique chance and get ahead the competition.

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Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Strengthen your online presence and improve awareness of your brand through the extension of a perfectly tailored domain portfolio with creative and memorable domains
  • Distinguish your brand from competitors through clearer description and classification of your sector and activities
  • Protection against misuse of your brand by securing the brand name first
  • Attract new potential customers through regional and range-specific domain endings
  • Clear, descriptive domain endings for higher search engine ranking

Domain Categories

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Domain endings of the category education help to identify training, coaching, continuing education courses and qualifications or research institutions. This applies to both public and private schools as well as for leisure activities in yoga, dance and cooking schools: .institute, .career, .university, .education

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Not only small local companies, but also online retailers and big companies can use entries in this category to differentiate their offers with a clear reference and so purposefully address customers. Your target audience will find at first glance, what they look for and will immediately pay attention to your offer: .cafe, .flowers, .marketing, .taxi

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For services and facilities that bring people together and allow them different forms of community, the use of domain endings from this category is very helpful in order to reach out to certain groups of people or their demand significantly. Are .date, .life, .singles or .community interesting for you?

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German Domains

.versicherung or .insurance? Many new top level domains are based on English terms to be internationally understandable and usable. Your target audience is located exclusively in Germany? Matching entries from the German language are for example .gratis, .bio, .jetzt, .kaufen.

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Health/Food and Drink

The variety of emerging food trends around healthy eating, fitness, wellness, as well as delight prove the growing interest of customers in suitable offers. With endings of this category you can uniquely identify and draw attention both on trend and niche products: .diet, .healthcare, .pizza, .organic and many more

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In addition to online shop owners, stationary retailers, manufacturers and suppliers can benefit from the use of these endings as well, as they allow inter alia, price level, industry or brand assignments. Also for informational, comparative and consultative platforms endings as .market, .fashion or .discount are meaningful alternatives to .com or .net.

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As different as we humans are, so different and varied are our interests and affinities. Lift your offer and stand out from the mass of leisure activities by using endings like .dance, .fans, .photography or .guitars. Shop operators, communities and counselors can also benefit from them.

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Real Estate

.immo, .haus, .apartments, .rent, … for brokers, brokerage portals, property managers and real estate financiers, the new entries in this category offer a wide range of alternatives to differentiate by memorable and striking domains and to benefit from SEO advantages.

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This top-level domain category is suitable for producers and suppliers of media products such as news, music, photos and videos. For bloggers and review offers around these subjects, new opportunities arise for accurate targeting using domains like: .audio, .download, .movie or .news.

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Because of always booming domain registrations for many people it became more and more difficult to register domains that really suit their offers. Especially the new extensions offer more opportunities again for these companies to present themselves. Particularly, but not only for tourist agencies TLDs such as .berlin, .holiday, .travel and .irish are extremely interesting.

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As a merchant or service provider you will be in popular segments with high competition and catchy as well as fitting domain names are hard to find. You want to stand out from the competition? Concretize your offer and use search engines advantages? Domain endings such as .deals, .boutique, .repair and .services will help you.

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You want to advertise products and services targeted in the field of sports and training on the internet? TLDs like .bike, .golf, .tennis, .yoga or .coach show users your passion and skills at first glance. In the competitive fitness market one of the striking TLDs of this category assures you a decisive competitive advantage.

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Internet and technology are omnipresent and so very popular industry fields with diverse offerings. It is not easy to find a domain name in this area that is memorable, that differs from the competition and makes a perfect match for your services. These extensions may help: .domains, .technology, .support, .website etc.

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Present your sector, your industry, your organization or the business topics of your website by using domain endings such as .finance, .ceo, .energy, .industries, or .hosting. This allows new domain names for registration and helps you to sharpen your profile.

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You did not find the right TLD for you yet? This category has even more to offer: .dog, .green, .memorial, .vote, .wiki ...

Do you have more questions regarding the new Top Level Domains? We have put together the answers to your FAQs here:

What are the "new Top Level Domains” all about?

Top Level Domain is the part of the domain name that follows the dot. At present, the most common endings are .net, .com and .org. and country-specific endings such as .de, .fr, .uk and so on. The "new TLDs” supplement these well-known Top Level Domains and give you greater choice when selecting a domain name for your company. The nTLDs allow you to describe your business area better and more memorable. Now numerous new and highly descriptive domain endings are available, providing unlimited combination possibilities for creating highly individualized domains, for example,, - the list is endless.

What new Top Level Domains are available?

More than 1,400 new Top Level Domains have been submitted as part of the application procedure. Many of them are directly linked to established brand names. Over the next few years many large international corporations, as well as smaller companies, are expected to use their own domain endings such as .vw or .ebay. In addition to the branded TLDs there will be hundreds of generic domain endings that anyone can register for. A complete listing of these can be found in our list of generic domain endings.

Why does it make sense for your company to register a new domain ending?

Registering for new TLDs offers excellent opportunities to stand out from one's competitors, as it improves describing one's business, which in turn helps customers to identify the sector of a brand simply by looking at the domain ending, let’s say .bank, .hotel or .fashion. Furthermore, it allows to indicate the language or the exact location of a business using endings like .london, .berlin or .town.

When will I be able to order the new domain endings?

The exact launch date for all of the new domain endings is not yet certain. It depends on the progress of the ICANN’s application and approval process. The first new domain endings have been released in spring 2014, continuously followed by further ones. It is very likely that there will be a different start date for each TLD.

Who assigns the new domain extensions?

After your successful pre-registration of the domain, the Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) coordinates their assignment. The German contracting authority (also called "registry") DENIC is in charge of this task for .de endings, the US company VeriSign Inc. is responsible for .com endings.

Keyweb acts as an interface to the registries for you. We take care of the registration of your domain in order to ensure an uncomplicated handling.

What rules apply to domain names?

To register special domain endings different criteria must be met. You can determine the exact criteria for your desired domains in the selection process under "Details".

For example .at domains:

A valid domain name consists of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 63 characters. Allowed characters are "a-z", "0-9" and "-". However, the name must include at least one letter. A domain name can not begin or end with a hyphen.

What can I do, if my desired domain is already registered by someone else?

The domains are assigned by the priority principle: "First come, first served". So if someone else was faster, you initially will only be able to use another name for your domain or to contact the domain owner that you found on the website of the registries, whether and under which circumstances he/she agrees to a domain transfer. The situation is different, if you have a better legal claim to the domain compared to the current owner.

What are premium domains?

You can identify premium domains after the checking. They are listed separately. They indicate particularly attractive domain names for which the registries have set higher prices.