OpenSUSE is a Linux distribution from SuSE GmbH which is also highly popular in Germany. OpenSUSE primarily targets private individuals, and is highly user-friendly and stable. OpenSUSE is a complete desktop operating system, and offers software for office, image processing, mail, Internet and games.

SuSE originally stood for Gesellschaft für Software- und Systementwicklung, and was established as long ago as 1992. It was already possible at that time to download the first Linux version although virtually no one had Internet access. The SuSE Linux version was launched on the market in April 1994 on CD, with a full German translation and its own installer.

Completely open source: OpenSUSE

It was renamed from SUSE Linux to OpenSUSE in 2006 with its version 10.2 in order to express the open source character even better. OpenSUSE is developed by a community and is now developed and updated at eight-monthly intervals. During this process, developers from all over the world work together on its development, including testers, translators, usability experts and developers.

The philosophy is expressed in the OpenSUSE guidelines. A separate council supervises their observance and works as a central port of call for the various teams. The developers can meet and exchange views once per year at the OpenSUSE conference or at Hackweek.

Software and installer for OpenSUSE

A version is offered which manages entirely without any proprietary software and is completely open source, as well as a version with proprietary software, such as Adobe Reader and Flash Player.

OpenSUSE has its own setup tool by the name of YaST (“Yet another Setup Tool”), which is the central interface of the entire operating system. A major advantage of OpenSUSE is the LSB certification (Linux Standard Base), which is said to offer greater compatibility between different Linux distributions. This enables users to use a relatively large number of different programs under OpenSUSE.

Several working environments are offered for OpenSUSE, including GNOME, KDE Plasma Workspace, Xfce or Fenstermanager.

The SUSE support database and the SUSE component database, which are integrated into OpenSUSE, are particularly practical. Comprehensive information on configuration and installation of hardware in the Linux system is provided here, which users of other distributions also like to use. The OpenSUSE wiki contains large amounts of information on the entire OpenSUSE project.



  • ideal for private individuals
  • excellent user friendliness and stability
  • complete desktop operating system
  • LSB certification for better compatibility between different Linux distributions

Installation notes:
We can install OpenSuSE for you without an admin panel in the latest version.

Available in the following Root Server and VServer products



VS S 12.90 € / month1
VS M 20.90 € / month1
VS L 38.90 € / month1

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VPS S 62.90 € / month1
VPS M 84.90 € / month1
VPS L 106.90 € / month1

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i5 | 16GB 74.- €/ month1
i7 | 32GB 96.- € / month1
i7 | 64GB 116.- € / month1

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KM Pro I S 159.- € / month1
KM Pro A S 189.- €/ month1

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