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Discover the weak points of your IT System –
before cyber criminals can do it

Security scan of your IT system – the Keyweb Penetration Test

Protect your company, website or customer data from hacker attacks!

Keyweb‘s IT security scan checks your system for vulnerabilities from the perspective of a cyber criminal and shows you to what extend previous security measures such as your firewall or configured access rules are able to ward off corresponding attacks.

The penetraton tests analyzes the technical weaknesses of your system such as open ports, unsafe versions of software udes and other security deficiencies.

The Keyweb penetration test

  • checks your IT technically for weak points and identifies them
  • shows configuration problems
  • creates a sound basis for further security measures

Keyweb penetration test

from 79,– € *1

automated pentest including a test report and first recommendations for action by the Keyweb IT experts

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* for the IP of a server or one domain

A comprehensive penetration test is particularly useful if you:

  • use your website to collect sensitive data and save it in an associated database
  • you store employee, customer or sensitive company data on a server


Holistic security – right from the start and at all levels


Individual needs analysis and support


Comprehensive advice from our IT specialists


Server. Cloud. Security –
everything from one source

The security scan includes:

  • scan of the open ports for known gaps
  • versioning of the services and comparison with current CVE
  • scan of the website for obvious vulnerabilities such as insecure SSL configurations
  • testing input fields on your website for possible weak points such as SQL injection

Procedure of the Pentest and further support

 analysis of requirements

Needs analysis, system scan & evaluation, test report and expert recommendation.

 system scan and evaluation

We work with you to determine your individual needs. We check your system for weak points and, if necessary, other individually determined factors

test report

You will receive a test report from us by email.

expert advice

We will provide you with initial recommendations for action and advide on how to proceed, so that you can take all necessary steps towards a secure IT system if necessary.

Pentest Siegel by KEyweb

After a successful pentest, you can use the security scan seal to communicate the security of your systems to your customers, website users and partners.

Further tests and follow-up measures

  • personal detailed evaluations by our IT experts
  • depth scan after detailed consultation of certain requirements related to your system
  • scan of special applications
  • other specific test reports
  • correction of security gaps and weak points by the Keyweb IT experts
  • success tests to check the function of the measures taken
  • WHITE box – Pentesting

For long-termin security tailored to your needs, we recommend


regular reviews for long-term security


special test procedures for specific sub-areas relevant to your industry


detailed recommendations for action tailored to your needs

Request a pentest and further information now without obligation!

Let us know how we can contact you and what requirements you have for a security test. Your request is non-binding.

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Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.

Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.
Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.
Our webspace- and server rates also support CMS-Hosting and Shop-Hosting.

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