KeyHelp® 14.4.1 – PhpMyAdmin & Roundcube update

by Alexander Mahr

This update includes minor improvements on internal components, as well as bug fixes. Furthermore it contains updates for the tools supplied with KeyHelp: PhpMyAdmin (updated to version 4.4.7) and Roundcube (updated to version 1.1.1). Through their updates numerous security gaps were fixed and new features introduced.

This update changes the access to the web-statistics. Please note the following explanation on "Changes to configuration files".

The latest update will be expected to be released on 26.05.2015.

Changes in configuration files

The following is only relevant, if the file "/etc/apache2/keyhelp_vhosts.conf" have been protected with the "chattr" command. Otherwise KeyHelp will make this adjustment automatically - possible manual changes done by yourself in this file remain unaffected!

Add the following line right below the row beginning with „Alias /webstats...“

Alias /webstats "/home/admin/www/kh.webstats/"