KeyHelp® 14.5.1 – Service Update

by Alexander Mahr

During this week your KeyHelp Server will receive the service update to the new, stable version 14.5.1. This update includes improvements to existing components as well as bug fixes.

You can find an overview of all the changes of this version in our changelog.


Changes in configuration files / server settings

The following instructions are only relevant if you have protected your configuration files with "chattr +i". Otherwise, the changes are automatically performed by the KeyHelp update routine.

[For Ubuntu 12.04 / Ubuntu 14.04]

For compatibility improvement of the e-mail system, add the following statements to the file "/etc/postfix/":"/etc/postfix/":

inet_protocols = ipv4

smtp_tls_CApath = /etc/ssl/certs
smtpd_tls_CApath = /etc/ssl/certs

[Only for Ubuntu 14.04 / Apache 2.4]

With Apache 2.4. web statistics may fail to open. To fix this, you have to perform the following change to the file "/etc/apache2/keyhelp.conf":

Add the following lines ...

# statistics
<Directory "/home/keyhelp/www/phpmyadmin">
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride AuthConfig
Require all denied

... at the marked position ...

<Directory "/home/keyhelp/www/bin/">
Require all deniedbr> </Directory>


<Directory "/home/keyhelp/www/phpmyadmin">

... and run the command "service apache2 reload".