KeyHelp® 14.5.3 –Tools Update and KeyHelp improvements

by Alexander Mahr

During the next days, your server will get updated to the latest KeyHelp version 14.5.3.

Part of this version is the update of all external software included in KeyHelp and provided tools like phpMyAdmin & Roundcube to the latest supported versions. In addition, errors in interaction between KeyHelp and Roundcube have been fixed and usability of the KeyHelp user interface increased.

You can find an overview of all changes of this version in our changelog.

The time has come! For all questions about KeyHelp we have set up a new message board. Here, the community can exchange, help each other and see responses from our developers. Visit our new message board at

Changes in configuration files / server settings

The following instructions are only relevant if you have protected your configuration files with "chattr +i". Otherwise, the changes are automatically performed by the KeyHelp update routine.

To enable the correct utilization of the file "/etc/aliases", changes to the file "/etc/postfix/" are nessessary:

Find and replace the line ...

mydestination = localhost

... with this line:

mydestination = localhost, $myhostname

Finally restart Postfix with

service postfix restart