KeyHelp® 14.6.0 – Feature update with backup system

by Alexander Mahr

Yesterday we published our latest KeyHelp version 14.6.0.

The main feature in this version is the backup system. This new feature is available for both, the administration area and the user area and enables you to backup of your data and store it either locally on your KeyHelp server, or on an external server. You can also define at what time the backup should automatically be run at regular intervals and protect the backups with a password.

With the new version you can now select the desired domain redirect HTTP status code, and also provide a comment / note to virtual FTP users.

In addition to the new features, many existing components have been further improved, optimizing the user interface and enhance usability.

A summary of the changes, see be found in our changelog.

Note to backup system:

Storing backups in the local repository on the server is disabled by default (for normal users). Under the menu item "Settings" > "Server" you will see administrative backup settings, there you can enable the local repository.

If you want to give your users the privilege to create backups, you must edit the appropriate user in the user administration, and select the checkbox "Can create backups".

In order to set it for all user accounts on the server, you can also use the following SQL command:

UPDATE `users` SET `users`.`backup` = 1 WHERE `users`.`is_admin` = 0

Note to Firefox users:

Since Firefox does not support all HTML5 input field types, please see the following notice: On the "Settings"> "Backup"> "Backup Plan" there is the box "Start backup at this time" - The value for this the box must be specified in the format "hh:mm" ( "hours in 24-hour format with a leading zero" : "minutes with leading zero")