KeyHelp® 14.6.3 - Now with Cron Job Management

by Alexander Mahr

In its latest iteration KeyHelp offers cron job management, which can be found as 'Scheduled Tasks' within the admin panel.

Furthermore, this update simplifies working with the KeyHelp translation files. KeyHelp now provides a convenient way for potential translators to translate the admin software into their desired language.

Are you interested in supporting the translation of KeyHelp? Then send us a message to We look forward to allow KeyHelp traveling the world with you!

(Please Note: a complete individual translation is still not possible with this update)

Moreover, bug fixes, stability and performance enhancements as well as other improvements are part of this update.

For an overview of all the changes visit

Scheduled Tasks / Cronjobs

Using 'Scheduled Tasks' users can automate certain commands or scripts.

The object is then automatically carried out according to the user-specified interval settings.

The number of scheduled tasks that are available to a user, can be controlled via the user management (default is 0).

The update routine tries to identify the existing cron jobs of the KeyHelp user accounts and to import them into KeyHelp. If you have already created cron jobs manually, it may be advisable to check the smooth import.