KeyHelp® 14.7.0 – Let's Encrypt Support

by Alexander Mahr

Today we would like to inform you about the latest KeyHelp version 14.7.0.

With this update, you now have the option to use the free certificates of the Let's Encrypt certification authority for your domains.
After only one mouse click the desired domain is protected with such a certificate. Requesting, creating and renewing are done entirely automated by KeyHelp.

A selection of further new features in this version:

  • Settings for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • Mail queue management
  • Extended user information
  • Users can change domain security settings (optional)

Other features as well as numerous bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

Which in detail, can be followed here (Changelog).

The update will be installed automatically on your KeyHelp® server, if you selected the option 'Perform Automatic Panel Updates'.

Note to users of the white label function:

Various CSS class names have changed. Please check your Javascript / CSS adjustments for validity.

Note for administrators who access the KeyHelp® own database by external scripts:

Should you acces/add content to this table `dir_protection`,` ftp_users`, `mail_users`,` users` or `domains`, please note, that the values of `status` columns (or` status_vhost`​​, `status_bind`) have changed.

bis 14.6.4 ab 14.7.0

0 1 (status okay)

1 4 (in progress, change)

2 2 (status error)

3 5 (in progress, delete configuration)

4 3 (in progress, new configuration)

Rest 0 (unknown)