KeyHelp® 17.0.0 – Firewall management and more

by Alexander Mahr

The latest version of our administration panel KeyHelp is now complete.

Now you are able to easily manage your Iptables firewall directly in your KeyHelp panel - including a protection mechanism that protects you against accidental lockout from your server.

If you are not yet familiar with Iptables, this is not an obstacle. In this case, we offer you a set of pre-built firewall rules that can help you to add more security to your server.

If you have activated automatic KeyHelp updates, your system will automatically update itself to the latest version at the beginning of next week.

An overview of the new features in this version

  • Firewall management
  • Improvement of the backup system (compression rate, multithreading support, minimization of the backup file size, ...)
  • Alternate webmail client Rainloop
  • Immediate start of panel tasks
  • Combine alias email addresses of different domains within one e-mail account
  • Improved TLS PFS Ciphers
  • Setting the Apache ScriptAlias Directive (Perl/CGI)

An overview of all changes of the upcoming version can be found as usual at the following location:

During the development of the latest KeyHelp iteration a lot of improvement suggestions / feature requests from the community had an influence. At you can become part of our constantly growing KeyHelp community and thus actively influence the further development.

Prospect of the next version

The next version of KeyHelp will be focused on the extension / restructuring of the PHP settings, in particular the possibility to set different PHP versions per domain.