KeyHelp® 17.1 / 17.1.1 – Changeable PHP versions & Debian 9 support

by Alexander Mahr

Last week, with KeyHelp version 17.1, among others we have created the possibility to define the PHP version to be used by the webserver.

This week, we are releasing another update (17.1.1) to counter the problems that may have occurred with the previous update.

The most important innovations of both versions:

  • Changeable PHP versions - available are PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1
  • Debian 9 support
  • Webserver's access / error logs can be viewed directly in KeyHelp
  • Changing Hostname is now possible without reinstallation
  • Length of KeyHelp usernames is no longer limited to 11 characters
  • Automatic notification for expiring SSL certificates
  • Important security enhancements (access privileges of user home directories, PHP disable_functions, etc.)

A big thank you goes to the hard-working volunteers, who let KeyHelp now appear in 2 other languages:

  • Bosnisch - Mirnes A. (b0snaX)
  • Italienisch - Alessandro Daniele

A complete overview of all changes can be found at

Notes about interchangeable PHP versions:

To enable this feature, you must first select the PHP versions which you want to make available to your customers in the "Server Settings", "PHP Interpreter" subsection. Subsequently, the versions, according to the settings made under the mentioned subsection, are available for selection when the user is editing his domain.

If you notice that you are missing important extensions in the PHP packages, please let us know about the fact so that we can extend the PHP versions with the additional modules (if possible).

Note disable_functions (PHP settings):

The standard disable_functions have changed, the PHP functions exec, shell_exec, system, passthru are now no longer usable (by default). If you need these functions, you can add them easily via "Edit users", subsection "PHP Settings".

Note email template "Forgot password":

If you have defined your own template for the "Forgot password" functionality, you should set this template again because various placeholders / functions have changed.

Your KeyHelp system will notify you after logging into the administration area, if an intervention by you would be necessary.