KeyHelp® 18.0 released

by Alexander Mahr

During the last week we released a new KeyHelp version. Below is a small selection of new features and changes.

KeyHelp now offers the possibility to fill domain directories with predefined data. This means that if you assign a domain to your customers, you have the option of having KeyHelp automatically fill the target directory of the domain with data of your choice. This for example, allows you to create a WordPress instance, in which only the installation process has to be executed. Steps that previously had to be carried out manually (downloading, unpacking, uploading, etc.) may now be omitted.

Furthermore, KeyHelp received a completely rewritten SSL/TLS system. Besides a massive increase in performance due to the new system, some problems could be solved and new features could be made possible at the same time.
For example, user accounts can now be granted the privilege to manage SSL/TLS certificates on their own.

Especially for administrators running a Debian 9 system, special precautions have been taken to ensure a smooth operation of the Apache web server.
Previously, problems may have occurred in Debian 9 that are now a thing of the past with KeyHelp 18.

An overview of all other changes can be found as usual at

Administrators of systems with the operating system Ubuntu 12.04

Please note that the support period was already discontinued by the operating system manufacturer last year. Also we will no longer support this operating system with the release of Ubuntu 18.04 this year. Your version will no longer receive any KeyHelp updates.

An operating system upgrade to at least Ubuntu 14.04 will then be absolutely necessary to ensure the security of your server in the future and to benefit from new KeyHelp features.

KeyHelp Knowledge Base

The knowledge base has also been updated in recent days to reflect the changes and new features of KeyHelp 18.0.

The English part of the KeyHelp knowledge base has also been significantly updated and is now fully on the same level as its German counterpart.

You can access the knowledge base at the following address: