KeyHelp® 18.2 – New responsive design, new user experience

by Alexander Mahr

We are pleased to announce our new KeyHelp version, which will be released during this week.

The main feature of this version is our new, modern responsive design, which allows you to manage your server now also on mobile devices optimally and comfortably.
Not only small screen devices benefit from the redesign, desktop users also gain a whole new user experience.
You will notice many bigger and smaller changes in the user interface throughout the KeyHelp panel, - of course you will enjoy the easy usability of KeyHelp also in the new version as usual.

Some additional notes about the roll-out of the new design:

  • If you use the white label function, your current design will remain unchanged for the time being. Your server will not be forced to switch to the new user interface. This gives you plenty of time to adjust your white label settings to the new design.
  • If you do not use the white label function, your design will be changed to the new UI.

Regardless of the settings on your server, you can switch between the new and old designs anytime you like. You will find this option in the KeyHelp configuration settings.

We will completely remove the old design during the first half of 2019 (expected in the 2nd quarter of 2019). By this date, you should have updated your white label settings and switched to the new design. Otherwise, your server will automatically change to the new user interface.

Of course we will inform you a few weeks in advance via KeyHelp-News about the final date of this update.


In addition to the changes mentioned above, you can find a list of other changes at

Many thanks to all volunteers within our community who helped to optimize the new version by participating in the beta test. We would also like to thank community translator Alessandro Daniele, maintainer of the Italian translation package, for his awesome work.