KeyHelp® 19.0 – DKIM, 2-factor authentication and more

by Alexander Mahr

Last week KeyHelp 19.0 was released. Below you will find an overview of a selection of new, important features.

DKIM Support

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a method of email authentication. It adds a signature to your emails which is assigned to your domain and is used for all outgoing emails. The use of DKIM serves to help reduce junk emails such as SPAM and phishing.

The DNS settings of the domains managed by the KeyHelp server are updated accordingly with DKIM entries in the course of the update to 19.0 and are available immediately without any additional intervention by the administrator.

DNS settings modified by users are not updated automatically. The corresponding TXT record must be added manually. The placeholder will be replaced by KeyHelp with the correct value. The record reads as follows:

default._domainkey 86400 TXT <DKIM_RECORD_VALUE>

If you manage your DNS settings externally and want to use DKIM, you have to define the corresponding TXT entry at your registrar.

Currently, only the server administrator can read the corresponding value for the domain from the file "/etc/opendkim/keys/default.txt". In an upcoming KeyHelp update a more comfortable solution for reading the information via the user interface will be provided.

2-factor authentication (2FA)

The 2-factor authentication can be accessed via your profile page under the security tab. If it should become necessary to reset the 2-factor authentication for an account, the administrator has a tool available which can be called with the following command:

php /home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/bin/disable_two_factor_auth.php

Email server settings and DNSBL / DNSWL to avoid spam

This option can be found in the admin area under Configuration → Email server

Restriction of administrative access

This option restricts access to administrator accounts to IPs/IP ranges. It is located in the admin area under Configuration → Login & Sessions.

Improvements with the new design

The web server logs can now be displayed again in the user area under Domains → Web server logs.

The sorting of the overview tables is now possible again.

Please note: If you are still using the old design, we recommend that you change to the new design in the near future before an automatic migration is performed.

Other new features are:

Let's-Encrypt certificates for domain forwarding are now supported.

KeyHelp is now also available in Spanish and Catalan. Many thanks to community translator Otmar Schuster.

For a complete changelog, please visit the following page:


With the release of KeyHelp 19.0 we stop the support for Ubuntu 12 servers. Administrators who still use this operating system should switch to a newer operating system as soon as possible.

Administrators of Ubuntu 14 / Debian 8 systems should also consider upgrading their systems soon. The corresponding upgrade scripts and instructions can be found here: