KeyHelp® 19.1 – Now with File Manager

by Alexander Mahr

During this week your server will receive the new KeyHelp update to version 19.1.

End user accounts can now be equipped with the file manager permission.

It allows users to comfortably manage files within their home directory via the KeyHelp interface. Even without (S)FTP-Client (or similar), files can now be edited, deleted and permissions changed - just to name a few features.

Furthermore, KeyHelp now offers possibilities to read the DKIM-TXT record of a domain directly from the user interface in order to store it in a DNS administration.

Security improvements also found their way into the current version. A new password policy is now available, which allows you to check a selected password to see if it has been compromised. Should the chosen password have been part of a data leak that was revealed in the past, the user will be notified in order to reconsider his choice if necessary.

As usual, an overview of all changes can be found in the changelog at